Avid Editing Application

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Avid Editing Application ReadMe

Changed in Media Composer v8.2.2 The following has changed with v8.2.2. •

Support for Mac OS v10.10.1

Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2 The following have been fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2.

Bug Number: MCCET-205. Background services did not start for new users with Administrator rights.

Bug Number: MCCET-420. In some instances, exporting as QuickTime Reference resulted in audio looping.

Bug Number: MCCET-418. In some instances, when a bug created a crash report, multiple crash report windows were displayed. Now, only one crash report window will be displayed.

Bug Number: MCCET-419. The application could sometimes unexpectedly hang if an error or warning dialog was displayed after double-clicking from the Interplay Window

Bug Number: MCCET-416. Online captured media would sometimes incorrectly show up as offline as soon as Dynamic Relink was enabled.

Bug Number: MCCET-410. Opening the Effect Editor from the Tools menu might have resulted in a “MonPane:: SetComposition” error.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1708. Performing a Bypass on a Track effect, might not have worked properly.

Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2

Bug Number: MCDEV-1971. After inserting an Audio Track Effect to the track and changing some parameters in the effect, playback would hang the system.

Bug Number: MCDEV-977. The text in the Undo menu listed “RTAS effect” instead of “Audio Track effect.”

Bug Number: MCDEV-1847. Enabling Play Standby might have resulted in an “AMPI_SESSION_MIXER_CONTROL_NOT_FOUND” error.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1592. The Effects window for Audio Track Effects did not open after changing the sequence mix format in Source Monitor.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1209. The “Include Master Fader” export option was not saved after you closed the Export window.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1886. When patching a width changing effect on a track, the next track insert did not allow different width AAX plug-ins to be inserted.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1979. Fixed an intermittent hang scrubbing multi-channel audio sequences while waveforms are building. When encountered, playback was permanently broken requiring a full restart of the editing application to recover.

Bug Number: MCDEV-481. With the Audio Mixer tool open, using the Alt+Option Key did not work to select all Mute Solo or Group.

Bug Number: MCCET-299. Choosing OMF transcode in a DMF folder should not have been listed as an option.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1833. Performing an audio scrub with complex sequences sometimes resulted in a “hardware underrun” error.

Bug Number: MCCET-293. In some instances, when Dynamic Relink was enabled, opening a sequence took a long time.

Bug Number: MCCET-352, MCCET-373. Changing the sequence start time in Media Composer did not have the expected result in Pro Tools.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1204. The D-Verb AudioSuite plug-in was missing from the AudioSuite Tool.

Bug Number: MCDEV-539. In some instances, the Convert source bit depth Import Setting was ignored when importing QuickTime audio.


Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2

Bug Number: MCCET-312. A “file not found” error appeared intermittently when performing a background transcode for AMA linked media on different workspaces.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1164. In some instances, performing an OP1a export for a sequence longer than 5 minutes and 30 seconds resulted in a “Exception:std::consumer sample” error.