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With a host of pearls rooted in the pristine treasures of Quran and Sunnah ... Ahmad] This means that the best joy of Paradise will ...... is the best place of reunion!
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Autumn 1434 | 2013 | Issue 4

Dajjal: Part 1| Pharoahs: Today & Yesterday | Featured: Steeds of War

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In this article, we give advice to the thousands of Jihadi brothers in the West - those who have yet to take that final step in joining the war against Kufr...

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Abu Salamah Al-Muhajir

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Love of Allah is the Secret of Life


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It’s a War Against Islam


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Maulana Waliullah (RA), Mufti Abdullah (HA) 47 Third World War and Dajjal

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The Wisdom and Goals of Jihad Syed Ahmad Shaheed (RA)


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Abu Salamah Al-Muhajir

Mohammad Zakariyyah

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All Praise is due to Allah Alone, The All-Mighty, All-Wise… And “It is we who will hit you now, and there is absolutely nothing may His Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad you can do about it!” e, his family, companions and all those who follow him e till the Day of Judgment… America and NATO have failed in this war to achieve their objectives and they know it. The Jihadis in the East and the Between the American withdrawals, the ongoing victories of West are on the rise and the unity of the Ummah today dictates the Mujahideen, the spread of the Jihadi manhaj all over the that from here in the East, we can motivate our brothers to globe and the steady awakening of the Muslim masses to the maneuver attacks directly in the courtyards of the West and light of faith, there lie glad tidings and blissful pleasures for there is nothing that the “President” can do about it. If another the people of Allah, The Exalted. 9/11 happens on American soil, will Obama decide to launch He I says: another 12 year war against the Muslims, especially with a fat load of disgruntled Senators and an economy waiting to go “Say: “In the Bounty of Allah, and in His Mercy (i.e. Islam and bankrupt? Does the American population feel safer now that the Qur’an); - therein let them rejoice…” [10:58] their “mission” in Afghanistan has come to a (failed) end? For a world full of people who search for happiness, success and peace – let the world know for sure that peace lies where the sound of drones fills the air day and night. Yes! The Americans might exult in their “chosen weapon of war” but we the Mujahideen lie perfectly serene underneath, rejoicing in the blessings of Allah and awaiting our turn to return to our Beloved Lord, destroying what remains of their hideouts, ready to take the banner of Tawhid and Jihad to the four corners of the world, sure as ever that everything lies in the Hands of Allah and nothing happens without His Will…

For indeed we love death as you love life… Of the secrets of life, are you truly unaware!

The thing is that America and its allies cannot fight another war. So, the ball is in the court of the Mujahideen now. The Jihad is stronger than ever and it is the Muslims now who will inshAllah march forth from the lands of Khurasan, Shaam and the Islamic Maghreb (as indeed they are) to the heartlands of Europe and North America. Watch this space as history rewrites itself… The truthful one e has left us with the glad tidings of victories… In this issue of AZAN, we speak directly to our brothers and sisters in the West and remind th