Islam spreads throughout the earth, even if you hate it! ...... go!” The Pakistan Army played no part in. Adnan Rasheed. “Not only does Pakistan have the incoming government of Afghanistan to worry ... is very near when it will have to pay for.
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Summer 2014 | Issue 6 | Sha’aban1435

The Scales Have Turned! The Rise and Fall of America | Dajjal and the World Today | The Resurrection

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Rulings on the Participants of the Democratic


n the war with the Mujahideen, the US has suffered irreparable damage and undergone heavy losses, in terms of economy, men of war, honor and the trust of its people. It has lost the war it arrogantly thought of winning with ease. Now, it stands, much like the USSR at the end of the 80’s, on the brink of a gradual collapse, and slide into nonentity and international irrelevance. In this issue, we look at the story of the USA and the way it rose and how it is now on the precipice of collapse - in accordance with the way all empires based on evil, Kufr and oppression eventually sift way, according to the Sunnah (way) of Allah I: “How many a town (community), that were wrong-doers, have We destroyed, and raised up after them another people!” [21:11]


The Resurrection ‘Ikrimah Anwar

The Rise and Fall of America (Cover Story) Abu Salamah Al-Muhajir

Is Pakistan Going to be Sandwiched? Adnan Rasheed

Dajjal and The World Today Muhammad Qasim

Why Jihad?

Shaykh Abdullah Azzam (RA)

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Maulana Asim Umar

The Fundamentals of the Islamic Khilafah


My Story: A Scholar, A Veteran, A Mujahid


From the Pages of History: Scholars of Resolve


Maulana Qari Tayyib (RA), Imam Mawardi (RA)

Ustadh Abu ‘Imran

Imam Ghazzali (RA)


Letter From The Editor

e say to the Ummah in times of war, change and sacrifice that our foremost weapons in this Jihad are faith in Allah I and His Messenger e and unity among ourselves. We must continue our Jihad against the global Kufr alliance, with our ranks united, and we must not let the propaganda of the Kuffar to alienate us from our Manhaj. To the Kuffar we say that the Jihad has well and truly spread through the earth and it shall continue with the Will of Allah I until Islam spreads throughout the earth, even if you hate it!


















Th e Resurrecti on I All Praise is due to Allah I Alone, The Exalted in Might, The Only One who has the right to be worshipped… Praise is to Allah I Who Sees and Hears all! And may His Peace and Blessings be upon our final Prophet, Muhammad e, his companions, family and all who follow him till the Day of Judgment... Continuing our humble series on the Events of the Next Life, we open the all-important chapter of The Resurrection... When the whole of mankind shall be resurrected to stand before its Lord, to account for its deeds..


he Resurrection is a stark reality that really puts into perspective the life of this world and its fleeting nature. The Day of Judgment is an awe-inspiring day when the earth will be changed to another earth and when Allah I will come to judge among the people. Unfortunately, in our day and age, with the secularist thought that has infiltrated the hearts and minds of the people, the people have become heedless of the reality of this life. They build institutions, engage in wars and plan their plots without a valid answer of what is to transpire after death. What happens after we die? Such a basic question this is, and yet we find that the advanced and enlightened American civilization, and its new world order fail to provide the proper answer. They build their NASA Rockets, send space shuttles