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Basic Skills

Basic Skills

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Eight self-contained, carefully graded units Hundreds of practice exercises Quick questions and revision pages to stay in touch with previous work ✓ Diagnostic and mastery tests to measure students knowledge ✓ A lift-out answer section Multiplication and division are fundamentally important skills that all students need in order to succeed in Mathematics. This book revises the core concepts involved in division and multiplication, and then applies these skills to larger numbers. On completion of this book, students should be confident in short and long division, multiplication, place value trading, square numbers and order of operations.

About the author AS Kalra has over 30 years experience teaching Mathematics. He is the author of many successful Mathematics books, including the Excel Basic Skills Addition and Subtraction books.

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Core books: Excel Basic Skills English and Mathematics Excel Basic Skills English and Mathematics

Year 5 Year 6

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English books: Excel Basic Skills Comprehension and Written Expression Excel Basic Skills English Workbook

Year 5 Year 6

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Mathematics books: Excel Basic Skills Addition and Subtraction Excel Basic Skills Problem Solving Excel Basic Skills Money, Time, Fractions and Decimals Excel Basic Skills Mental Maths Stategies

Years 5–6 Years 5–6 Years 5–6 Year 6

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Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Years 5–6 ISBN 978-1-86441-289-5

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5–6 Multiplication and Division


Years 5–6 Ages 10 –12 years old

M ULTI PL I CAT I ON A N D D I V I S I O N Ye ar s 5 – 6 A g e s 1 0 – 12

Multiplication and Division



Eight graded units Hundreds of practice exercises Diagnostic and mastery tests

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Basic Skills Years

5–6 Multiplication and Division Ages


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