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Chevron. • Coca-Cola. • Cummins. • Dell. • Deloitte Consulting. • Delphi. • Delta Air Lines .... American Express. New York, NY broad grad, JD/mba, finance, 2011.
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Why Broad? 1 Overview 2 Rankings 3 What Makes Broad Unique? 4 Student’s Point of View 5 Alum’s Point of View 6 The Transformation 8 Student’s Point of View 9 Real World Experience 10 International Student’s Point of View 13 Study Abroad 14 Student’s Point of View 15 Career Services 16 Student’s Point of View 17 Outcomes 18 Get a Job Anywhere 20 Alum’s Point of View 22 Life Outside the Classroom 24 Student’s Point of View 25 Curriculum 26 U.S. Veteran Student’s Point of View 27 Teamwork 28 Student’s Point of View 29 Alum’s Point of View 30 Professor’s Point of View 32 Alum’s Point of View 36 International Students 38 International Student’s Point of View 39 Diversity 40 U.S. Veteran Student’s Point of View 41 Student Organizations 42 Student’s Point of View 43 Admissions 44 Requirements 45

Why Broad?

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WHY BROAD? What happens when you take the culture of a small school and wrap it in the resources and tradition of a Big Ten institution? This place.

Impersonal? Vast? Hardly. Yet, at the same time, here at Broad you’ll learn how to think big. It’s where that gap between your current place in the world and the career you’ve always wanted gets bridged. It’s where Career Services is working with you before your first classes even start. It’s where we start working to make you a great hire as soon as you’re accepted into the program. Because that’s what happens at a school with a track record, where graduates have gone out into the world and made an impact. Is this what you’re looking for? We think it should be. So let’s talk about it. 1



Be prepared


for an ever-changing business

Change is a constant in business. That’s never been more true than it is right now, when forces like technology and globalization are changing paradigms constantly. It’s why we work so hard to provide a curriculum and an experience that leaves our graduates prepared for just about anything. We focus on the individual. But you’ll learn within a team. At the same time, we make sure you gain fundamental skills that remain essential to business success no matter what the forces of change might bring. For instance, we place a true premium on the value of teamwork. We teach it every day, not simply with theoretical talk but through the projects our students complete. The result? Companies hire our graduates because they have fully developed team building and group management skills. You’ll learn how to excite, engage and, yes, persuade. We also make sure that you’ll leave Broad with presentation skills that will help you succeed at every stage of your career. Even if you don’t believe you have a natural talent for it, we’ll work to show you how to speak effectively, whether your audience is a CEO or hundreds of 2

Rankings Let’s be analytical for a moment. after all, we’re a business school.

people at a sales meeting. When our graduates are hired, they know how to deliver a message. Top companies count on it.

Ranked in the top 10% of AACSB-accredited business schools

It isn’t personal. It’s business. Or is it?

Ranked #19 in ROI by Forbes

Yes, it’s true that smart business leaders separate personal feelings from business decisions. But listening remains essential to success. That’s why, at Broad, we reach out to our students to help shape our program. Throughout your time, here, you’ll know that you have a voice and an ability to shape your education. Yes, our faculty drives the curriculum. But they don’t do it in a vacuum. What’s more, there is a culture at Broad that encourages students to have genuine concern for each other, to understand that when the group succeeds, so do the individuals within it. Instead of a cutthroat environment, you’ll find a place that feels more like an