BestCompaniesAZ names Habitat one of the 2017 100 Best ...

Mar 1, 2017 - part of their 15th anniversary serving Arizona'ʹs business community. Habitat is recognized within the category of “Best of Heart”, which honors ...
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Central Arizona

BestCompaniesAZ  names  Habitat  one  of  the     2017  100  Best  Companies  in  Arizona  


  Phoenix,  AZ  –  March  1,  2017  –  Habitat  for  Humanity  Central  Arizona  (Habitat)  is   honored  to  be  named  one  of  the  "ʺ100  Best  Arizona  Companies"ʺ  by  BestCompaniesAZ  as   part  of  their  15th  anniversary  serving  Arizona'ʹs  business  community.  Habitat  is   recognized  within  the  category  of  “Best  of  Heart”,  which  honors  companies  that   build  strong  relationships  with  employees,  customers,  and  the  community   demonstrating  how  much  they  care.       President  and  CEO,  Jason  Barlow  had  this  to  say,  “We  appreciate  this  recognition,  made   entirely  possible  by  our  amazing  sponsors,  volunteers  and  partner  families.    And,  a   small  but  awesome  staff  that  engages  the  community  in  such  a  compassionate  and   caring  way.    We  truly  love  what  we  do—“bringing  people  together  to  build  homes,   communities  and  hope!”     Habitat  also  recently  ranked  a  best  workplace  as  an  AZ  Most  Admired  company.       BestCompaniesAZ  has  been  at  the  forefront  of  recognizing  sought-­‐‑after  employer   brands  and  creating  prestigious  workplace  awards  programs  in  Arizona  since  2002.    As   we  celebrate  15  years,  we  are  proud  to  recognize  companies  across  our  state  who  are   making  a  positive  difference  in  the  lives  of  their  employees  and  our  communities,”  said   Denise  Gredler,  Founder  and  CEO  of  BestCompaniesAZ.     BestCompaniesAZ’s  15th  anniversary  listing  honors  well-­‐‑known  employer  brands.       For  the  full  list,  visit­‐‑best-­‐‑companies-­‐‑in-­‐‑arizona/     About  BestCompaniesAZ   BestCompaniesAZ  is  a  consulting  firm  dedicated  to  identifying,  developing  and   promoting  great  workplaces.    BestCompaniesAZ  has  been  at  the  forefront  of  building   sought-­‐‑after  employer  brands  and  prestigious  workplace  awards  programs  since  2002,   including  the  “2003  Best  Companies  to  Work  for  in  the  Valley”  program  (published  by   the  Phoenix  Business  Journal),  Arizona  Most  Admired  Companies  (published  by  AZ   Business  Magazine  and  BestCompaniesAZ),  and  Top  Companies  to  Work  for  in   Arizona  (published  by  azcentral  and  Republic  Media).    BestCompaniesAZ  provides  

consulting  services  for  organizations  committed  to  workplace  excellence,  including   employee  surveys,  best  practices,  national  and  local  public  relations,  employer   branding,  culture  development  and  promotional  services.     For  more  information,  visit  or  phone  480-­‐‑545-­‐‑5151.       About  Habitat  for  Humanity  Central  Arizona   Habitat  for  Humanity  Central  Arizona  (Habitat)  is  a  local  affiliate  of  Habitat  for   Humanity  International,  the  renowned  humanitarian  organization  based  in  Atlanta.   Each  affiliate  operates  as  a  separate  501c3  nonprofit,  and  is  responsible  for  leading  its   own  fundraising  and  operations  management,  while  adhering  to  the  Habitat  for   Humanity  mission  of  serving  communities  within  its  area.  .  Habitat  also  promotes   volunteer  programs  with  corporations,  groups,  churches  and  individuals.  Their  services   include  new  home  construction,  re-­‐‑constructions,  renovations,  repairs  (even  emergency   repairs)  and  most  recently,  entire  neighborhood  revitalization  projects.  Consistently   ranked  among  the  Top  10  of  1,400  affiliates  nationally,  Habitat  has  built  more  than  1,100   homes  in  the  metro  Phoenix  area.  To  learn  more,  please  visit,  or  find  us   on  Twitter  @habitatcaz.   ###   Media  Contact:   Dusty  Parsons   Habitat  for  Humanity  Central  Arizona     602-­‐‑448-­‐‑5758   [email protected]