BlackBerry Systems Integration Professional and BlackBerry Support ...

Describe iOS enhancements. • Describe device activation enhancements. • Describe the installation of BlackBerry Connectivity Node instances. • Describe IBM ...
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Accreditation Path

BlackBerry Systems Integration Professional and BlackBerry Support Professional Delta Training The technical accreditation delta training path for the BlackBerry Systems Integration Professional and BlackBerry Support Professional includes a blend of web-based training and a webinar video. This path is for accredited partners that require delta training for the latest product version. The webinar must be completed using BlackBerry Universe and the What’s New documentation can be accessed at http:// The assessments must be completed through one of BlackBerry’s Authorized Training Partners and will take 0.5 days to complete.

Webinar Training Course Code

Training Module What's New in BlackBerry UEM?


Duration 1 hour

Description This webinar describes recent updates to the BlackBerry UEM.

Product Documentation Training Module




What’s New in BlackBerry UEM version 12.7

1-2 hours

This guide contains an overview of BlackBerry UEM, including its current features, new features, and describes which resources to consult for more indepth information. This guide is intended for senior IT professionals who are responsible for evaluating the product as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about BlackBerry UEM. After you read this guide, you should understand the product’s capabilities and the full set of technical resources available.

• Describe the new BlackBerry UEM branding • Describe installation and upgrade requirements • Identify new licensing requirements • Describe BlackBerry Dynamics integration with BlackBerry UEM • Describe synchronization between BlackBerry UEM and Good Control • Describe new port requirements • Describe Android enhancements • Describe iOS enhancements • Describe device activation enhancements • Describe the installation of BlackBerry Connectivity Node instances • Describe IBM Notes Traveler support • Describe management console enhancements • Describe monitoring of the status of BlackBerry Cloud Connector using SNMP • Describe new IT policy rules • Describe API changes • Describe fixed issues in BlackBerry UEM12.7 • Describe known issues and workarounds

Assessment Training Module What’s New in BlackBerry UEM Assessment

Course Code 719-00041-123



15 minutes

This assessment will evaluate the learner according to the objectives for the associated learning module. The passing score for this assessment is 80%.

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