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Shoot Casting – great opportunity


ustin Browne from Shoot Casting Agency says that it was a great experience to work on District 9. Browne explains how they got involved: “A couple of months before they started shooting, we called the production and spoke to the cast co-ordinator and production manager and asked if we could assist on the film. The answer was a yes.” Browne elaborates that the highlight of working on the film was that it had a good budget. “This really helped and it wasn’t a struggle to get our people on to set. It’s always an honour working on a film that gets international recognition. The highlight, though, was being at the première. Casting agents don’t get recognised for their part on a film but District 9 was different and this made working on the film so much more rewarding.” Browne says some of the challenges was shooting in Soweto. “It was dusty

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STAR QUALITY – Sharlto Copley gives a memorable performance in District 9

and just a harsh environment to shoot in.” Sharlto Copley’s consummate performance will help pave the way for South African actors who want to do international work, says Browne. “He gave an excellent performance. A typically Afrikaans guy who takes pride in his work. South African actors are actually getting the opportunity to expand their talents. I think it is great that they are doing so well.” Brown concludes: “Shoot Casting Agency has been in operation since 2003, in which we have grown not only as a business but as people. We have learnt that it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to be successful in this business. We would love to be involved in more fantastic films like District 9 and look forward to the growth of the industry.”

Chameleon blown away


hen Chameleon Casting was briefed by Kalahari Films, they had no idea how successful District 9 would become, says Janice Meyer. The reality of how huge D9 is worldwide was brought home to her at the premiere held in Johannesburg. “I did not know what to expect and I was completely blown away by the real Hollywood style premiere and this most amazing movie. “I cannot believe how much the South African film industry has grown in a short time and what amazing

movies we are starting to turn out. I always said the Australians make great movies and terrible ads and we make terrible movies and great ads. Well the time has come to say we make great movies too!” The best part of this movie was the all South African cast, says Meyer who was particularly impressed by Sharlto Copley. “He grabbed us from the first minute he appeared on the screen. He has proved to all aspiring actors that if you can dream it, you can do it. “We have finally proved to the world that South African actors are as good as any of the Hollywood groot name (big names) and that you don’t have to be a Hollywood name (with a really bad south African accent) to draw the crowds. It is vital that we are finally recognised for our own talent and do not need Hollywood stars to sell our movies.” Chameleon was formed 17 years ago and Meyer is determined that the casting agency will continue to offer the film industry the best service possible.



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