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Bozeman Lodge Independent & Assisted Living Newsletter — January 2018

1547 N. Hunters Way Bozeman, MT 59718

Administrative Staff: Penelope Stiff Watkins Executive Director Elicia Ruiz Community Relations Director

Maryssa Scheetz Elizabeth Halloran Resident Care Coordinator Tina Thompson Business Office Manager Shauna Herbal Registered Nurse Lou Ruiz Dietary Director Danny Hagfeldt Maintenance Director Leah Weaver Activities Director

Our mission is to create and sustain comfortable, caring environments for those who depend on us.


Contact Us At: 406-522-5452 8

P2 Unique Resolutions P2 By the Numbers P3 Connect with Us! P4 Activities Calendar

P6 Employee of the Month P7 Holiday Spirit P7 Memories in the Making P8 Mission & Team

Unique New Year’s Resolutions We’ve all heard the popular


resolutions: “Lose weight,” “Get fit,” “Save money,” “Get organized,” “Take a vacation,” and “Live life to the fullest.” For 2018, we’re sharing some resolution ideas that are perhaps a bit less common, but just as rewarding.

Make a new friend This may sound easier said than done, but if you try being social and forming bonds, you will feel better inside and out.

Donate So many people need the things we no longer use or want. Consider donating to Goodwill or a local thrift shop.

Pay it forward The next time you’re in a drive-through, going through a toll, or even at the library (where many people have pesky late fees) consider treating the person behind you.

Become an active listener

Memories in the Making!


It can be quite the Is there a cause dear to your challenge getting heart or a group whose those ducks in a row! activities you admire? Why not join in and commit to helping them with their cause? Time requirements for volunteer opportunities vary. Check out for a starting point.

For this one, you do yourself a favor and the person with whom you’re conversing. Maintain eye contact, really hear what the other person is saying, and think before responding. Your conversations will become much more meaningful.

Take a Daily Walk Technically this can help with getting fit and losing weight, but for this resolution, consider doing it for overall health and wellbeing. A walk can be as simple as you want and may just brighten your day.

Go ahead and say “No.” People of all ages and of all walks of life can struggle with saying “No.” The next time you really want to say it, remember that you and your wishes are important.

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Share Your Knowledge or a Skill People often have the resolution to learn a new skill, but how about teaching one? Everyone has their areas of expertise and what could be nicer than sharing them for free with those who would like to learn?!

Breathe Take a few moments every day to close your eyes, sit up straight, relax your body, and breathe in through your nose and out deeply through your mouth. You’ll feel the 2


Bozeman Lodge By the Number Bozeman Lodge by the Numbers

91 with thirteen residents of that age! Last year the most common age Once again Barbara has put together was 90. The combined total of years some statistics regarding the of all the residents was 10,181, that’s residents’ ages here at Bozeman a lot of experience! Lodge. These numbers are based on the 116 people that were living in the The numbers for the cottage Bozeman Lodge as of December 19, residents are a little different. There 2017. The one thing that is constant were 24 residents living in the around here is change so these cottages as of December 19, 2017. numbers can change from month to The average age of cottage residents month. was 82 years. The youngest cottage resi