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... at minimum weight. • The head casting is symmetrically designed about the Y and Z axis plane for proper weight balance and heat distribution of trucks on the Z axis. • ...
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XT630 5AX 5 Axis CNC Machining Centers

STANDARD FEATURES 5 Axis CNC Machining Centers The Bridgeport XT630 5AX 5 Axis CNC machining centers are designed for accuracy, speed and productivity. They are built to provide years of dependable machining on parts requiring consistent tolerances, tough to machine materials and fine surface finishes. The XT630 5AX features and robust traveling beam design on an extremely rigid cast iron base. The XT630 5AX has been designed to stand above all other machines in its class. With wide range of options to choose from, this makes the XT630 5AX machine best in class against competitive 5 Axis machining centers worldwide. Higher end features have been designed into the XT630 5AX machines, while streamlining overall cost to provide a very price competitive machine for the higher end market.

Included Machine Features

• 15,000 RPM Direct Coupled Spindle with Oil Chiller & Air/Oil Mist • Big Plus CT 40 Spindle • 40 Station Swing Arm ATC • CNC Control – Siemens 840 D SL • Coolant Chip Flush System • Coolant Wash down Gun-Automatic • Auto Central Grease Lubrication • A-Axis Rotary Encoder • Ball Nut and End Bearing Chiller • Leveling Pad and Screw • Retention Knobs • Work Light • Three Color Stack Light • CTS Preparation w/Deublin Rotary Union • Auto Door Magazine • Spindle Circular Flushing • Scraper Type Conveyor • Auto Power Off 2

Options • • • • • • • • • • •

C-Axis Rotary Encoder X/Y/Z Axis Linear Scale Chip Conveyor, Hinge Type (W=500) Coolant through Spindle (280PSI) Mist Collector (1.5Kw, Airflow 33.3m3/min) Renishaw Tool & Part Probe (OMP40-+OTS) Blum Tool & Part Probe (TC 52 + TC S4-20) Dynamic Collision Monitoring 48 Position 40 Taper Tool Magazine 60 Position 40 Taper Tool Magazine Siemens Kinimatic Alignment Software


Machine Structure

• The honey-comb like reinforced-rib radial and peripheral design provides optimum to weight ratio at minimum weight. • The head casting is symmetrically designed about the Y and Z axis plane for proper weight balance and heat distribution of trucks on the Z axis. • The machine design incorporates a twin drive system on the A-Axis for higher overall stiffness with minimal for better distribution of cutting forces.

Machine Base • The base was designed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) techniques to provide superior machining performance. • Highly-rigid base with optimum dynamic stability. • The one-piece cast iron base weighs 10,498lbs (4,762kg). 3


Heavy Duty Linear Guideways, Ballscrews and Axis Drives Heavy duty 1.77” (45mm) for X , Z-axis and 1.968” (50mm) Y-Axis diameter hardened and ground ball screws for slide movements. Ball screws are driven by powerful direct axis drive servomotors. Heavy duty roller linear guideways are used for all axis motion. X and Y axis guideway size is 1.77” (45mm). Z-axis guideway size is 2.165” (55mm). Linear guideways allow less friction, less heat and less thermal growth when compared to conventional box way systems. Absolute encoders are utilized on all axis.

Standard ISO-40 Dual Contact BIG-PLUS® Taper Spindle Configuration ISO-40 “V” flange Dual Contact taper spindle with a fully enclosed hardened and precision ground, pre-loaded ball bearing design. A taper air blast system is utilized to minimize spindle contamination during tool changes. Additionally, a labyrinth seal and low pressure air purge and labyrinth seal keep coolant out of the spindle bearings. CAT-V-40 flange tooling is available from Hardinge.

Large Capacity, fast performance automatic tool changers The standard ATC is fully supported by the column allowing fast, vibration free operation to increase machine accuracy and surface resulting for tool chain movement during machining operations. The ATC cam is driven by an inverter type motor allowing fast, easy tool change recover in the event of a collision or fault. This inverter type motor allows the swing arm to be jogged forward and reverse to easily step through the ATC recovery procedure. A tool position reference sensor in the ATC magazine is used to identify pocket #1 for a fast tool change recovery. Optional 48 or 60 capacity tool chains are also available.

ISO-40 Dual Contact Taper Spindle Configuration The Dual Contact Taper spindle design is also known as BIGPLUS®. This design allows simultaneous face and taper contact when the tool is clamped in the spindle. This system provides a stiffer interface between the spindle and the tool holder along with minimizing run out on extended tool and better overall rigidity. The working principle of the BIG-PLUS® (BCV/ BBT) spindle, with a dual contact type tool holder, is that before clamping, the tool holder taper and spindle taper are in contact with each other to establish a good taper fit, however face contact has not occurred. When the machine’s spindle draw bar is activated, the tool holder is pulled into the machine’s spindle which expands by elastic deformation until the faces of the spindle and the tool holder contact each other. This completes the simultaneous fit of the tool holder taper and flange to the spindle taper and face.

Advanced digital control to unleash your productivity The XT630 5AX machine features the latest Siemens 840D control. The control panel is custom-designed to be user friendly especially in the placement of the buttons and identifying nomenclature. The control module conveniently swings for better user access. Large 19” color LCD display screen aids in viewing the various programming and function pages.


Rotary Trunnion Table The XT630 5AX features a 24.8” (630mm) rotary trunnion table which incorporates the A and C-Axis with minimal backlash. The A-Axis is the tilting axis with a programmable range of -30° to 120° degrees while the C-Axis rotation is continuous. Eight T-slots provide increased flexibility for workholding devices. The maximum table weight is 771lbs. (350kg) when centered on the table.


• Siemens 840D SL Control – 19” TFT LCD display with Innovative capacitive sensor technology – Programmable Resolution—.0001”/.001mm – Inch/Metric Data Selection by G-Code – MDI (Manual Data Input) Operation – ShopMill – 3D Simulation – SINUMERIK Operate – Animated element operation – Easy Tool Management – Measurement cycles – Transmit and peripheral surface transformation – CYCLE800 – MDynamics – Advanced Surface – Ethernet interface (Data Transfer Capability) – FTP – Part Program Storage/Data input/output on: – 10 MB CNC memory – 6 GB internal Compact Flash – USB 2.0 – Network Drive

Siemens Motorized 18,000 RPM Spindle Motor

Siemens DDS 15,000 RPM Spindle Motor 5











Axis Travel

Automatic Tool Changer

Saddle (X-axis)

30” (762mm)



Beam (Y-axis)

24.8” (630mm)


Swing Arm

Head (Z-axis)

24” (610mm)

Tool Type

BT / CAT / ISO / HSK-A63

A-Axis (tilt)


Tool Selection


C-Axis (rotary)

360° (continuous)

Tool Capacity

Max Swing diameter

35.4” (900mm)

40 Tools (Opt 48 / 60 Tools)

Max. Tool Diameter (Full Drum)

3.1” (80mm) 4.9” (125mm)

Positioning X, Y, Z-Axis Positioning, Full Travel (ISO 230-2) (with scale)

.000236 in (0.006mm)

Max. Tool Diameter (Adj. Pockets Empty) Max. Tool Length

11.8” (300mm)

X, Y, Z-Axis Repeatability (ISO 230-2) (with scale)

.000118 in (0.003mm)

Max. Tool Weight

17.6 lbs (8kg)

X, Y, Z-Axis Positioning, Full Travel (ISO 230-2) (without scale)

.000039 in (0.01mm)

Tool Change Time (T-T)

< 2 sec

Tool Change Time (C-C) ISO 10791-9

< 5 sec

X, Y, Z-Axis Repeatability (ISO 230-2) (without scale)

.000157 in (0.004mm)

A-Axis Positioning (Arc sec) with Scale


C-Axis Positioning (Arc sec) with Scale


A-Axis Repeatability (Arc sec) with Scale


C-Axis Repeatability (Arc sec) with Scale


C-Axis Positioning (Arc sec) without Scale



140” (3536mm)


102” (2572mm)



182” (4623mm)

Machine weight

32,187 lbs (14600kg)

C-Axis Repeatability (Arc sec) without Scale Spindle Spindle Speed Range Direct Coupled

15,000 RPM

Spindle Motor HP Rating (S1/S6-40%)

17.4/26.2 (19.5Kw/26 HP)

Max Torque at Motor Base Speed (S6-40%)

88.5Nm/453 RPM

Spindle Taper

No. 40

Tool Holder

ISO 40

Coolant Coolant tank capacity

105.6 US gallons

Wash down


Wash gun


Stainless chip pan


Machine Size

Service Requirements Power Requirements* (FLA/Volts/Phase)


Air Requirements (L/min)

6 kg/cm2

* Note: Other voltages require an external transformer

Worktable Rotary Table Diameter

24.8” (630mm)

Table load

771 lbs. (350kg)

Number of T-Slots


T-Slot Size

.551” (14mm)


Wuhan, China Beijing, China

Elgin, Illinois

Traverse City, Michigan

Leicester, England

Noisy-Le-Sec, France

Elmira, New York


Over the years, The Hardinge Group™ steadily diversified both its product offerings and operations. Today, the company has grown into a globally diversified player with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to designing and building turning centers, and collets, Hardinge is a world leader in grinding solutions with the addition of the Kellenberger, Jones & Shipman, Hauser, Tschudin, Usach and Voumard brands to the Hardinge family. The company also designs and manufactures Bridgeport machining centers and other industrial products for a wide range of material cutting, turnkey automation and workholding needs. Expect more from your Hardinge products. Choose Hardinge precision and reliability for increased productivity and value! Call us today, we’ve got your answer.

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