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quickly so that they can prevent fraud ... on our website at www.victimsupport. ... insurance and want to make a claim. ... are free, confidential and available to.
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passports, benefit books, mobile phones, birth certificates and driving licences. It’s particularly important to tell banks quickly so that they can prevent fraud and further theft. There’s a full checklist on our website at www.victimsupport. org.uk/theftchecklist

Contact your local Victim Support office:

• Look into ways of making your home more secure for the future. Some security measures can be expensive. But there are other things you can do that cost much less, such as leaving lights or a radio on when you go out and checking that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked. • You will need a crime reference number from the police if you have home insurance and want to make a claim.

Our Victim Supportline 08 08 16 89 111 gives information and support for anyone affected by crime. You can contact us using Text Relay by adding 18001 before any of our phone numbers.

Burglary Information from Victim Support

Help us support other victims and witnesses. Text VISU13 and an amount to 70070 to make a donation. Published by Victim Support President HRH The Princess Royal Victim Support, Hallam House, 56–60 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JL Telephone: 020 7268 0200 www.victimsupport.org.uk Charity registration: 298028 Company no: 2158780 Registered in England. Limited by guarantee. Registered office as above. January 2015



Burglary is a serious but very common crime which affects around three quarters of a million households every year. There are different kinds of burglary too. You may have been away from home when it happened. Someone may have tricked their way into your house (distraction burglary). You could have been at home but busy or asleep. Some people may be burgled several times or be suffering other crimes as well, such as harassment or racial abuse. Burglary affects people in many different ways, even if nothing has been stolen. Most people are upset because a stranger has been in their home. It’s normal to feel less secure at home after a burglary. Children can be very affected too.

We can help Victim Support is the national charity for people affected by crime. Our services are free, confidential and available to everyone, whether or not a crime has been reported to the police. We offer help to 1.1 million victims and witnesses every year from all communities. However you feel, and whenever the crime took place, we’ll give you free and confidential help and support. We can help even if you haven’t reported the burglary to the police.

Most victims of crime want to talk to someone about what has happened and get their feelings off their chest. Your friends and family can be very helpful but they may be upset too. Our volunteers are specially trained to listen and understand. We can also give useful information to help you deal with some of the problems a crime has caused. And we can offer practical help to sort out the problems crime can cause.

How we help you find your strength We support people who have been burgled in a number of ways. • We can arrange for you to talk to one of our trained volunteers to help you come to terms with your feelings and find ways of feeling more positive and secure again. • We can give you information and help you to deal with the criminal justice system, your landlord, the housing department, police or insurance company. • We can help you get professional crime prevention advice. • And sometimes we can organise practical help such as arranging for someone to come and fit a new lock or replace a broken window.

How to get our help If you decide to tell the police you’ve been burgled they’ll pass your details to us (unless you ask them not to). We’ll then try to call you within 48 hours to talk about how you’ve been affected and what we can do to help. But anyone can contact us directly if they want to without involving the police. You can find local contact details on the back of this le