by Ingrid law

with the address and phone number of the company. I stopped short ...... Bobbi as Carlene stepped out of the trailer with her cordless phone to her ear, waving ...
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Mibs is about to turn


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Ingrid Law

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MIBS BEAUMONT IS ABOUT TO BECOME A TEENAGER. As if that prospect weren’t scary

family, becoming a teenager means finally discovering your extra-special ability— ability—


INGRID LAW has dabbled in costume design,

floral design, and fiber arts. She has sold shoes, worked in a bookstore, helped other people get jobs, and assembled boxes for frozen eggplant burgers. Today, she writes and imagines with her thirteen-year-old daughter in a lovely old mobile home called “Ploppy,” which they like to believe is a cross between a spaceship and a shoe box. They enjoy writing on its walls and painting on its ceiling, and have filled their home to the brim with wonderful things like good books, fluffy pillows, a ukulele, and the aroma of baking muffins. Visit Ingrid at

enough, thirteen is when a Beaumont’s savvy strikes—and with one brother who causes hurricanes and another who creates electricity, it promises to be outrageous . . . and positively thrilling.

Will Mibs’s savvy be strong enough to guide her through the journey of a [email protected] [email protected] UUU

Boston Globe–Horn Book Honor Award #1 Children’s Book Sense Pick Association of Booksellers for Children New Voices Pick

★“Law’s [email protected] She’s a natural storyteller who’s created a vibrant and cinematic novel that readers are going to love.” —Publishers Weekly — Weekly,, starred ★“Law’s storytelling is rollicking, her language imaginative, and her entire cast of whacky, yet believable characters delightful.”