By-Laws AmCham Guatemala

To promote bilateral trade and investment between Guatemala and the United States ..... Chairman, a First Vice President, a Second Vice President, a Secretary, ...
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CHAPTER I NAME AND NATURE ARTICLE ONE (1): The Association "Cámara de Comercio Guatemalteco Americana (GuatemalanAmerican Chamber of Commerce)", hereinafter called the Chamber, is a private, not-for-profit and nonpolitical entity. REGISTERED OFFICE: ARTICLE TWO (2): The Chamber has its registered office in the Department of Guatemala. TERM: ARTICLE THREE (3): The Chamber is organized for an indefinite period. OBJECTIVES: ARTICLE FOUR (4): The objectives of the Chamber are: a.

To promote bilateral trade and investment between Guatemala and the United States of America.


To represent its members' interests before the authorities of Guatemala and the United States of America;


To participate in civic, economic, social and environmental programs of benefit to Guatemala.


To promote the country's socioeconomic development through the activities it carries out and the services its affiliates provide for the public.


To promote legislation that favors its members' activities;


To promote and foster legislation to encourage foreign investment in Guatemalan companies, so that these will become permanently established in the country;


To establish and maintain relations with other domestic or foreign chambers, associations or businesses for the benefit of its members, and promote the achievement of their objectives;


To promote more social responsibility in the community;


To perform any other functions it may or must perform according to its nature and condition for the benefit of the national economy.

To achieve the stated objectives, the Chamber will spare no efforts and will use all the resources available to it. AUTHORITY: ARTICLE FIVE (5): The Chamber may own any assets and enter into any acts or contracts in connection with its incorporation, organization and objectives in Guatemala and do everything it deems necessary or advisable to achieve the purposes for which it was organized.

CHAPTER II Members CLASSIFICATION ARTICLE SIX (6): The following shall be members of the Chamber: a) Active Members: Any person who resides in the Republic of Guatemala or otherwise who is up to date in the payment of dues. There shall be two classes of active members, who shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Chamber: (I) Companies; and (II) Individuals. Companies shall exercise their right to vote through their Legal Representative or any person designated by such Legal Representative, who shall provide credentials. The category of active business members includes corporate members, which is strictly understood to mean those members who belong to a business or corporate group, of which the parent company is the principal member and other companies that are part of the same business or corporate group are active members and are corporate in nature and will therefore pay preferential dues. b) Associate Members: Any person who resides outside the Republic of Guatemala. This class of members may not vote at general meetings of the Chamber. c) Honorary Members: Persons so designated by the Board. This class of members may not vote at meetings of the General Board of the Chamber. To qualify as an honorary member, the person must have carried out or taken part in projects or programs of benefit to the country in social, commercial, labor, environmental, educational and other similar areas at the Board's discretion; and d) Life Members: Persons so designated by the Board. Members in this class may vote at general meetings of the Chamber. To qualify for this class of membership, a person must have actively cooperated and made a significant contribution towards achieving the objectives of the Chamber for not less than five years.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS ARTICLE SEVEN (7): To be admitted to the Chamber prospective