Bylaw No. 2012-63 - City of Regina

deliver account bills to customers by mail or other available means. (2) The total .... “14 Bulk water sales rate (per cubic meter) – s.13.2. $2.17 $2.36 $2.57” ... plastics not described in the list of recyclable materials above. Such plastics for ...
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Bylaw No. 2012-63

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Office Consolidation


Bylaw No. 2012-63 Including Amendments to June 27, 2016

This Bylaw has been consolidated under the authority of the City Clerk. It represents proof, in absence of evidence to the contrary of: a) the original bylaw and of all bylaws amending it; and b) the fact of passage of the original and all amending bylaws.



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September 17, 2012

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June 27, 2016

BYLAW NO. 2012-63 THE WASTE MANAGEMENT BYLAW, 2012 _____________________________________________ THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF REGINA ENACTS AS FOLLOWS: PART I GENERAL Purpose 1 The purpose of this Bylaw is to regulate the collection and disposal of waste and to levy recycling service fees. Statutory authority 2 The authority for this Bylaw is section 8 of The Cities Act.

City Solicitor

Approved as to form this ______ day of _________________, 20___.

Definitions 3 In this Bylaw: (a)

“alley” means alley as defined in Bylaw No. 9900, being The Regina Traffic Bylaw, 1997;


“animal waste” means feces from animals that are permitted in the City pursuant to City bylaws or other applicable legislation;


“assessment account” means a record or records created and maintained by the City’s Assessment Branch that show property type and location;


“automated collection” means the mechanical collection of waste in carts using vehicles specially designed for collection from such carts;


“bag” means the semi-transparent bags that the City or its collector provide to designated properties for the storage of recyclable materials or garbage;


“big blue bin” means the blue containers that the City has placed at various locations throughout the City for collection of certain recyclable material;


“biomedical waste” means biomedical waste as defined in The Saskatchewan Biomedical Waste Management Guidelines, 2008;


“bulky waste items” means items that cannot fit in a cart or bag and includes but is not limited to items such as mattresses, sofas, fridges, stoves and box springs;

2 Bylaw No. 2012-63


“bundle” means tied yard waste;


“Bylaw Enforcement Officer” means any person employed by the City in one of the following positions: (i)

Manager of Bylaw Enforcement;


Senior Bylaw Enforcement Officer;


Bylaw Standards Officer; and


Bylaw Enforcement Officer;


“carts” means recycling carts and garbage carts;


“City” means the municipal corporation of the City of Regina or the geographical area located within the boundaries of the city of Regina, as the context requires;


‘City Manager’ means the City Manager or his or her designate;


“city waste service” means garbage service, recycling service or such other service that the City may provide, from time to time, for collection of waste from designated properties for transportation to a disposal site;


“co-applicant” means co-applicant as defined in Bylaw No.