Cabochon Collection Vol. 1 - John F. Allen

Founded in 1889, we are a fourth-generation, family-owned importer and wholesale distributor of imitation and genuine beads, stones, crystals and components ...
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Cabochon Collection

Volume 1

We are your trusted, reliable sourcing partner, offering unparalleled quality, selection and service for over 100 years.

John F. Allen

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Founded in 1889, we are a fourth-generation, family-owned importer and wholesale distributor of imitation and genuine beads, stones, crystals and components to the jewelry, fashion accessory and garment industries. Over the past 100 years, we have developed extensive industry knowledge and a strong network of global sources, which makes us uniquely qualified to serve our customers.

What We Offer

• Selection and Inventory: We carry over 40,000 different items in 38 product lines, including hard-to-find vintage goods, for one-stop shopping and reliable, quick order-fulfillment. We maintain stock levels that anticipate your needs while continually bringing in new items at competitive prices. • Unparalleled Customer Service: Each of our friendly, knowledgeable sales and customer service team members have decades of industry experience. They can help you solve your problems! Just ask. • PRECIOSA Platinum Distributor: We have the largest selection of Preciosa Czech crystal products in the U.S.

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Shop the Largest Selection of Cabochons

We have hundreds of styles in stock... What are cabochons? Cabochons (pronounced “CAB–oh–shons”) are smooth-top, flat-back stones that don’t have facets. “Cabs,” as they are often called, are produced in a variety of materials and shapes. They are used in many applications including jewelry, clothing, home-décor and crafts.

The classic cabochon has a medium-height smooth dome, but many people refer to cabochons as any flat back stone. Cabochon tops can also be low dome, high dome, buff top, flat, engraved, irregular and more (see illustration below).

Common Cabochon Dome Heights

Buff top cabochons are often used in cufflinks.

Our glass cabochons, currently sourced from Preciosa in the Czech Republic, are fabricated using the same techniques generations of makers have perfected over time. Our vintage cabochons are treasured by designers for limited edition and one-of-a-kind creations. We also offer high quality acrylic and resin cabochons from factories around the world, and an extensive line of natural gemstone cabochons (see our Genuine & Synthetic Stones and Beads Catalog).

Working with cabochons Size and color may vary slightly in hand-worked glass cabochons, but our wide selection of items are calibrated to fit most standardsize settings. Cabs can also be prong-set, bezel-set, wire-wrapped, glued directly as embellishments and incorporated into beaded jewelry.

Brooch by Scarlett Menon featuring glass matte ribbed cabochons (see page 16).

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Our clear glass and plastic cabochons make great photo domes (see page 2