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Aug 25, 2016 - Through a three stage process, the review team will select an artist to create ... And there's no better way to connect people than over great.
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Call for Artists Request for Proposals (RFP) for Barons Market North Park Art Column: GROWING COMMUNITY THROUGH FOOD & ART Project Overview: Barons Market North Park seeks applications for the commission of public art on a prominent store display column. Barons Market is a neighborhood market and we want to share our love of food and community through the vision of a local artist. The completed art will be a lasting feature inside the new North Park community grocery store to be displayed and admired. The proposed designs shall be accomplished with visual art describing, “Growing Community Through Food & Art.” The art submissions will be reviewed by Studio H2G, Mixte Communications and the Barons Market Management Team (Project Team) and finalists may be interviewed by the panel. Through a three stage process, the review team will select an artist to create original sitespecific artwork. Due: August 25, 2016 by 11:59 PM Eligibility: The competition is open to artists living in San Diego – ideally in North Park and immediate surrounding Uptown communities. Only artists with reviewable portfolios are eligible to apply. The Commissioned Artist(s) will work with Project Team to create a site-specific, durable piece for this indoor installation. Applicants who wish to be considered for this project should have experience working in public settings, as well as a proven ability to fabricate their own work. The artwork for this site must reflect the Project Overview as described above. Theme: Barons Market is an organic, natural and specialty food, neighborhood market. We are passionate about good food at good prices. We are committed to being an active part in the local community because we believe that partnering with local businesses, schools and organizations is what makes neighborhoods thrive. And there’s no better way to connect people than over great food. The Award: $2000 + supplies. Artist is responsible for working with the Project Team to adjust selected design to meet zoning and building specs and approve final design before installation begins. Artist’s name and the name of the piece will be prominently but discreetly near or on the art work. Location: Application of designs will be made at the Barons Market North Park location at 3231 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 during construction hours. Specifications: Four-sided Interior Column, with approximate dimensions of: Side A & C – 8’-11 ½” wide x 12’ high Side B & D – 3’-7 ½” wide x 12 high 1

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A rendering of this project area is attached. Artists selected for Stage Two of this project will receive the full architectural renderings of the project and shall then submit one to three proposed designs. The quality and completeness of the artist’s proposal is most important. Artists should keep the dimensions of the area in consideration while designing submissions.

Timeline: August 15 August 25 August 29 September 15 September 19 September 21 September 30 October

RFP Announced DEADLINE – RFP stage one Stage Two finalists chosen DEADLINE – RFP stage two Winner chosen Installation begins Installation COMPLETE Store Grand Opening

Submission Requirements: Please note: This RFP is the first step in the three stage selection process. Stage One: The Project Team will evaluate applicants past work and resume, and select the Stage Two finalists. Please note, submitting a proposed design will be in Stage Two. Stage Two: Two - Four artists will be selected to review the new store renderings and design criteria, and then submit designs to be considered for the project. Stage Three: One artist will be selected to execute selected designs and awarded the commission. Selection Criteria: The selection panel will select the artist based on the following criteria: Artist: Must be a resident of San Diego – ideally North Park or immediate surrounding Uptown communities Artistic Quality: Effective use of principles of design and design elements Comprehension of color usage to enhance design The medium used needs to