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Provide on-going, in-person supervision and development for Campus Intern and Peer. Minister programs. • Identify ...
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The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas To know Christ and to make Christ known.

Position Description: Campus Missioner Position Description: The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas is seeking a faithful and entrepreneurial priest to continue to build a new model for ministries with college students throughout our diocese. The Campus Missioner will oversee the work of paid, young-adult Interns at the University of Kansas and Kansas State University, who are in-residence at Canterbury Houses; will support and enhance the current Peer Minister program on multiple campuses; and will work with parishes in all parts of the diocese to start and/or expand their ministries in their local campus communities. This is a full-time diocesan staff position. The Campus Missioner will report directly to the Bishop and will work in collaboration with the Canon to the Ordinary and the diocesan Campus Ministries Council.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will be a collaborative, high-energy Episcopal priest who:  enjoys creating new ways of proclaiming the gospel in a college or university environment;  travels well and often across the diocese, using "windshield time" wisely;  exhibits a positive and fearless mindset;  is excited by our vision for campus ministries; and  is proficient with technologies that facilitate networking, learning and collaboration. Because helping congregations engage campus ministries is a significant part of the responsibilities, previous experience in a parish or campus ministry context is preferred. Most of all, the ideal candidate will have a contagious love for Christ and for those whom he or she is called to serve.


Responsibilities:  Provide on-going, in-person supervision and development for Campus Intern and Peer Minister programs.  Identify, recruit and equip Interns as well as young-adult leaders to develop enduring and expanding Episcopal presence and ministry at campuses throughout the diocese.  Encourage the development of a variety of peer-based ministries and initiatives through in-person consultations and utilization of online collaboration tools.  Regularly preach, teach and celebrate the sacraments at churches around the diocese as an advocate for campus ministry.  Cultivate collaborative working relationships with other clergy and parishes in close proximity to colleges and universities throughout the diocese.  Develop annual budget proposal for diocesan support of campus ministries; seek and secure supplemental funding through grants and other alternative sources; directly manage funds allocated for maintaining and developing two Canterbury House-based ministries; and facilitate the distribution of supplemental grants to sustain and encourage parish-based ministries.  Work with the diocesan Youth Missioner to integrate Episcopal youth into young-adult and college missions and ministries.  Regularly participate in diocesan staff meetings and otherwise offer staff support for diocesan events.  Maintain effective lines of communication between all stakeholders in diocesan campus ministries, including the Bishop, the Canon to the Ordinary, the Campus Ministries Council, the Council of Trustees, Diocesan Convention, local parishes, colleagues in Province VII and across the Episcopal Church, and Episcopal Church Center staff.  Exhibit discretion in communications and practice confidentiality as needed. To apply for this position, please send a cover letter, resume and OTM portfolio to the Rev. Canon Torey Lightcap, [email protected] For more information about our current Campus Ministry program: