CanGame Maker 1.0 Guidebook

Step 4 | Create PEC. Step 5 | Play PEC. Step 6 | Create Routine. 3. 10. 11 .... 10. GUIDEBOOK. The CanGame Makeris an application for Android phones (soon ...
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CanGame Maker 1.0 Guidebook

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Step 1 | Finding the App


Step 2 | Instalation


Step 3 | User Profile


Step 4 | Create PEC


Step 5 | Play PEC


Step 6 | Create Routine


PRESENTATION Hi , i’m Eraldo Guerra. I live in Recife, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. I am 37 years old and I’m Master in Software Engineering from CESAR. EDU. At the beginning of my Master degree, choosing my study and design object, got the first contact with the autistic universe. Why not have relatives, acquaintances or friends with Autism, I knew very little about it, but my interest was immediate from the beginning of my research on the subject. Me deeper into the subject, my interest Stepu to be increasing and joined my ideal path that I follow since then, culminating in Cangame Maker project. And how did it all happen? My intention was to research and develop a project that would provide a real benefit for the people who use it and not only an academic and scientific study object. So researching and dedicating myself to the subject, I oportunizado to know the story of Carly Fleischmann. This true story inspired me and even more motivated to think and conclude that the technology could be a facilitator. From that moment, every day that I leaned on the subject, I felt touched by the “pain”, dreams, difficulties experienced by these individuals and their families. That intensified my desire to accomplish this great and gorgeous design! I felt very happy with this choice, so that immediately took the proposal to my advisor. From then began the walk to this project! In 2011, I started my research, understanding the methods of treatment, behavioral issues from scientific articles based on national and international evidence and reaffirmed my certainty: the use of technology is an effective resource to facilitate formal and informal learning need to every Presentation | CanGame Maker 1.0 - Guidebook


individual, being of importance for these individuals. In the certainty that it was developing a certain way, I got the support of various professionals from different areas of health and education and parents who with their professional experiences and experiences with these individuals added to this project evidence that contributed to the current situation of this project .  In 2012, the first project came about: the Cangame. The choice of this name came based on reading texts and articles, which conveyed the idea that autism was unable to live in society or autonomously. I did not agree with this idea is wanted to prove that it was wrong. I believed and still remain, that above all with availability, affection and dedication associated with resources and correct treatment strategies, could change that thought. So this was my first goal! The build and facilitate efficient and pleasurable feature, easy to understand and use, and above all, that could be used by all people of different social classes, bringing joy and enchantment. He needed to be pleasurable, fun and exercise your greatest learning function. So, uniting all this, as if by magic, the name appeared: Cangame that the act of playing you can change your life story! The first project was based on the use of Microsoft Kinect, which was a game with 4 characters that need your help to perform daily activities. Once the first version was ready, we were testing with several autistic from various regions of Brazil and different age groups. The tests showed wonderful and exciting results as seen in the previous video. What enabled several national and international scientific publications, awards and the support of many reputable people. But not everything is perfect and unfortunately at the moment we can not continue the project. But no