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Request for Proposals for Multimodal Transportation Planning, Preliminary & Final Design, Development of Specifications, and Project Management Associated with the Construction of CARTA’s Multimodal Transportation Center Issued January 9, 2017 Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority CARTA 1617 Wilcox Blvd Chattanooga, TN 37406 Response Due January 30, 2017 by 3:00 PM ET

TRANSPORTATION IN CHATTANOOGA INi INi MOTION Over the past decade, the Chattanooga area has recognized the growing need for a multimodal transportation center to serve existing and future transportation investments within the region. Based upon the results of the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, the goal of the Chattanooga Multimodal Transportation Center Study (MTCS) has been to create a new transportation center and gateway for the Chattanooga metropolitan area that provides personal transportation choices, enhances the image and effectiveness of public transportation, and serves as a catalyst for economic development. In 2015, CARTA entered into a contract for a feasibility study for the Multimodal Transportation Center which included evaluating potential locations for single or multiple transportation center locations, developing conceptual drawings for these locations, assessing existing routes and other opportunities to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of public transportation for the region.

The Multimodal Transportation Center Study was completed in early 2016. This process and preliminary conceptual site designs are available at Since that time, CARTA was made aware of an available property at 958 Windtower Drive, located at the intersection of Main Street and Riverside Drive. It is CARTA’s intention once funding is identified to purchase this property and complete renovations to an existing industrial building on the property to serve as the multimodal transportation center. The scope of work for this Request for Proposals includes multimodal transportation planning, preliminary and final design, development of specifications and drawings suitable for construction, and project management once construction commences. Work will be issued on a task order basis pending funding availability and project readiness.

TRANSPORTATION IN CHATTANOOGA INi INi MOTION The Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA), established in 1973, is a public authority which operates the public transportation system providing fixed route transit services to Hamilton County, Tennessee. Additionally, CARTA operates paratransit services for people with disabilities, a Downtown Shuttle and parking system, and the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. CARTA provides service to over three million passengers per year. With 17 primary bus routes, the majority of which originate in the downtown area, CARTA’s primary transfer points for

passengers are located along Market Street, between 4th Street and 12th Street. The already-completed MTCS evaluated CARTA’s existing route network and performance standards, seeking both near-term and longer-term opportunities for improvement. Focused on promoting transportation choice and convenience, the multimodal transportation center will consider how best to integrate a continuum of transportation solutions. This will include automobile parking and car sharing, pedestrian accessibility, bicycle parking and bicycle transit, private for-hire and taxi service, regional bus connections, air, and possible future rail service.

Steering Committee

Proposal Requirements General Project Goals and Objectives CARTA’s proposed plan for this project is to rehabilitate the existing building at 958 Windtower Drive to serve as CARTA’s multimodal transportation center and potentially CARTA’s headquarters. Potential demolition and reconstruction of outlying buildings may occur to serve operational/customer service purposes and to accommodate any multimodal connections, such as bike share, car share, tax