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“The only software that we could find in the market that uses unique open SMS technology to ... PROCESS. - Send SMS ... Increase business process efficiency ...
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“The only software that we could find in the market that uses unique open SMS technology to manage all database updates and subsequent actions automatically." Stephen Edwards, EMEA Project Manager at Agilent

Boomerang Case Study | Agilent Technologies


engineers and provide back


office staff with real time Agilent supplies organisations

visibility of engineer status

Boomerang’s intelligent two-

globally with measurement


way SMS technology allows Agilent to harness the mass

instrumentation, software, and services across a wide range of industries. With major operations running in

INDUSTRY: Biotechnology WEBSITE:

business processes with distributed field engineers. Linking multiple outbound

Europe and India, hundreds of engineers are required to

medium of SMS and automate


and inbound text messages containing specific customer

regularly check instrument and product performance.

- Send SMS to field based

and instrument data, enables

Contacting engineers

engineers notifying of new job

new actions to be triggered

individually via phone calls


and provides Agilent's back

and one-way SMS, and managing status updates manually has proved an administrative and economic

- Request a response from engineer to confirm if available or unavailable

burden. Agilent recognised

- Issue job to first engineer

the requirement for an

confirming availability

efficient communications solution for field force management and scheduling.

automate Agilent’s database workflow management to communicate with service

visibility of every task's progress.

BENEFITS - Reduce call centre costs by

- Send a further message

automating field engineer job

requesting regular status

fulfilment using SMS

updates until job is complete

- Free up staff time by

- Provide back office staff with

reducing administrative

real time reports based on

burden of manually engaging

engineer status updates

with engineers

- Automatically schedule

- Increase business process

follow up calls after task

efficiency and speed up


engagement with field

PROPOSAL Boomerang proposed to

office staff with real time

engineers “Our engineers receive the

- Make better informed

exact information required

decisions by providing real

at precisely the time they

time visibility of engineer

need it'

status updates

Boomerang is a digital communications company. Our product range is the result of years of experience developing and supplying communications solutions to corporates and SMEs. Patented in 23 countries around the World, the technology used in our services and products is unique, and addresses many of the problems inherent in business communication today.