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products and best customer service experience in the Netherlands and ... travel and the company has aggressive growth plans. ... And OTRAVO's call centre.
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Embarking on a journey for innovation and new growth


Bob Ru Managing s Director


Customer experience the key to success. OTRAVO is already one of the largest online

As one of the five managing directors of OTRAVO,

travel agencies in Europe with over one million

Rus spends much of his time thinking about ways to

segments annually. With long-term plans for growth

improve key performance indicators like look-to-book

and expansion, it wanted to build the fastest,

ratios, website response times, and meta-search hit

easiest, and most comprehensive online travel

rates. For him, it all started with a simple curiosity

products and best customer service experience in

and desire to be of service.

the Netherlands and Belgium. Powered by the flexible solutions of Sabre, bookability is at 95 percent, customer satisfaction has improved by 20 percent, and turnover is up 40 percent. Bob Rus is fixated on it, fascinated by it, and fiercely protective of the customer experience at OTRAVO. Rus believes that offering online travel shoppers speed, superior choice and ease – providing the best customer experience – is the key to OTRAVO’S success, and its future.



Bob Ru Managing s Director

“I’ve always asked a lot of questions about costs, schedules, and travel options,” said Rus. “As a company, we’re constantly focusing on customer needs and looking for ways to innovate so our customers can get exactly they they want.” About 90 percent of OTRAVO’s annual sales of more than 240 million Euros come through leisure travel and the company has aggressive growth plans. To accelerate and prepare for new growth, the OTRAVO management decided to review and analyse its technology platform. “We knew we wanted to improve speed and choice for our customers, but promises for upgrades and new features by our previous technology partner weren’t being met,” said Rus. “We also wanted to continue to grow in terms of our sales volume and our company culture. We wanted a technology partner with high energy and a clear plan for innovation and growth – just like us.”

Since we’ve converted to Sabre, we’re booking more complex and expensive dynamic packages and tours Bob Rus, Managing Director OTRAVO


With Sabre upgrading is always uplifting. OTRAVO brands, and

The switch to Sabre has paid off for (World Ticket Center) needed

OTRAVO: bookings are up 30 percent year

faster performance, additional travel

over year, turnover has increased 40

product options, and a more advanced

percent, customer satisfaction scores

technology platform to provide a better

among online visitors have improved by 20

customer experience and handle new

percent, and the company is prepared for

growth opportunities.

new organic growth, new acquisitions, and

OTRAVO selected Sabre for its flexibility and its commitment to ongoing innovation and technology investments. Customised Sabre APIs provide capabilities for dynamic packaging and have opened new channels, while Sabre Red Workspace has increased agents’ efficiency. OTRAVO found the right balance of technology, service and support in Sabre.

new product and service offerings.




OTRAVO’s decision to switch to the Sabre technology

Sabre provides the best of both worlds: superior online functionality, and the ability to deliver highly customised travel arrangements with a personal touch Sabre’s open development platform Sabre Dev Studio, with

platform was d