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Falcon Facilities Monitoring System (FMS) and environmental sensors. A User Friendly Solution Pays Off. While some solutions had greater capability, they were ...
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Case Study Switch and Data

A facility isn’t always one single brick and mortar building. When you are responsible for ensuring the continuous operation of thirty-two remote locations, your facility becomes an extensive network of industrial equipment and computing devices. A single pane of glass that allows you to supervise and control that equipment from one centralized location is invaluable. For a reliable, integrative, affordable solution, Switch and Data looks to RLE Technologies. The Importance of Environmental and Industrial Equipment Monitoring Monitoring an infrastructure proactively on an integrated, real-time network helps businesses avoid the costly outages and downtime associated with unplanned failures in facility equipment. As enterprise facilities become more distributed and managers find themselves monitoring even more remote facilities, this diligent, timely monitoring becomes even more important. Now that companies have centralized monitoring for their IT networks, they are looking to create an integrated network that will monitor the environmental parameters and industrial equipment in their facilities as well. This provides them a tighter level of control without increasing operational costs. Switch and Data’s Operations Asset Management (OAM) group was seeking this single pane of glass when it launched its search for an enterprise monitoring solution for its remote data centers. Complete a Thorough Needs Assessment Switch and Data provides premium quality, neutral interconnection and colocation services to network enterprises and service providers. It operates the largest footprint of any neutral provider in North America with interconnection choices to the most diverse selection of network providers. Their OAM group is headed by Charles Browning, Switch and Data’s VP of Operations, and is responsible for ensuring the continuous operation of thirty-two remote locations within Switch and Data’s footprint. The twelve person OAM team manages the ongoing monitoring of the mission-critical equipment at each of these sites. Switch and Data developed a set of requirements for building a reliable, state of the art and cost effective, integrated monitoring solution. Their goal was to further demonstrate the company’s long standing commitment to best practices across site management, responsiveness, and risk aversion. To do this they needed a system that would: • Provide a united view of both physical and environmental parameters. • Be easily configurable to adapt to the inherent uniqueness of each site. • Allow multiple notification and adjustable escalation for immediate response. • Modularly expand and scale as the network grows. • Include pre-integrated support for a wide range of devices. • Leverage their standard IP network. • Utilize standard protocols that interface directly and easily with both network management systems (NMS) and building management systems (BMS). • Interface with and control existing industrial equipment and devices. Weigh the Pros and Cons While several vendors met many of the established criteria, Browning found that most

solutions were not as user friendly and cost effective for enterprise wide monitoring and control of industrial equipment and devices found in a mission critical environment as RLE’s Falcon Facilities Monitoring System (FMS) and environmental sensors. A User Friendly Solution Pays Off While some solutions had greater capability, they were more complex, required extensive training, had additional hidden costs, and created an increased reliance on outside vendors. In contrast, the FMS combines ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and integration friendly design in a single package. Browning explains, “The FMS’s system functionality is easy to understand and integrates seamlessly with other monitoring software applications. As a result, we have been able to expand the alarming and monitoring capabilities and enhance our ability to be much more proactive.” The FMS provided the best “bang for the buck,” giving Switch and Data’s OAM team th