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Carolinas HealthCare System, the third largest public hospital system in the nation, was committed to enhancing its new graduate RN recruitment process. Additionally, the organization made the commitment to offer a Nursing Residency Program to all new graduate nurses hired to the organization.

Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the country. Student enrollment and numbers of nursing graduates have increased dramatically over the last 10 years. Despite such high interest in the field, the demand for Registered Nurses is outpacing the supply.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with more than 900 care locations, the System hired more than 430 new graduate registered nurses (RNs) in 2015 and following changes to the healthcare environment and the Residency Program, the System anticipated another banner year of hiring even larger numbers of new graduates in 2016. The organization’s Talent Acquisition Team sought a video interviewing solution to enhance the process for clinical leaders and allow them to get to know the nursing students.

THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTHCARE WORKFORCE ANALYTICS PREDICTS THERE WILL BE 3.8 MILLION NURSING JOBS IN 2025 BUT ONLY 3.5 MILLION NURSES With the expansion of healthcare coverage for thousands of Americans, an aging population and the many opportunities for Registered Nurses to move into non-traditional care settings, the United States is on the cusp of a talent shortage. The supply gap of experienced Registered Nurses is narrowing, meaning that many healthcare organizations are competing for a relatively small number of Registered Nurses throughout the country.

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Although CHS is fortunate to have more than 10 nursing programs in its geographic footprint, most of these students only have a few clinical rotations in the System’s facilities. Additionally, applications are frequently submitted from soon-to-be graduates across the nation. With the sheer volume of positions to fill and the geographic distance between healthcare facilities, the Talent Acquisition Team sought a better way to enhance the current recruitment process, saving time for the hiring leaders as well as decreasing the students’ need to travel from facility to facility for initial screening interviews.

Each candidate had an opening question to introduce themselves and then responded to three behavioralbased questions created around the organization’s mission, vision and values. Communication is a key skill in the healthcare environment and the video interviews provided insight into a candidate’s communication skills before inviting them to participate in the next step of the recruitment process. The Talent Consultants found that it was very quick and simple to set up a welcoming video, create custom questions and send out invitations to candidates to participate.

IMPLEMENTATION: Due to tight timelines, the team had little time to plan out the new video interview process, but GreenJobInterview stepped in to assist with staff education and to help resolve any issues that arose with such a large volume of new candidates. When the organization implemented GreenJob One-Way into its process, the Talent Acquisition Team initially had difficulty loading the large volumes of candidate information in order to send invitations. Once the large numbers of videos were completed, they also faced challenges in accessing the URLs to share with managers in order to view video submissions.

The traditional new graduate recruitment process consisted of a thorough review of a student’s application, resume, cover letter and clinical instructor references. The Talent Consultants and hiring leaders found that this did not provide enough information to give the hiri