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For fluoropolymer hose, Parflex hoses are designed to handle high temperatures in .... Automotive .... shall not be stored for longer than 2 years. 10. YEARS. Rubber. Thermoplastic/Fluoropolymer s” ... flexing, routing and degrees of bending.
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CAT 4660 Parflex Thermoplastic & Fluoropolymer Products Hose, Tubing, & Fittings 2017

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Welcome to The Parflex Division Manitowoc, WI Ravenna, OH Mansfield, TX Monterrey, MX

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Our Charter To be the global As part of the Parker Fluid Connectors Group, the Parflex Division is responsible for the design and manufacture of hoses and tubing to handle extreme applications. Products include thermoplastic and fluoropolymer hose and tubing, hose bundles, harnesses and accessories.

leader in engineered

The Parflex Division includes the Ravenna, OH headquarters and manufacturing facilities in:

providing system

ƒƒ Manitowoc, WI

ƒƒ Stafford, TX

conveyance and

ƒƒ Fort Worth, TX

ƒƒ Randleman, NC

ƒƒ Mansfield, TX

ƒƒ Monterrey, Mexico

control of fluids.

polymer-based products while solutions for the

ƒƒ Huttenfeld, Lampertheim, Germany - sister division, polyflex

The Parflex Advantage When compared to wire reinforced rubber hose or even metal tubing, thermoplastic hose offers significant added value. Thermoplastic provides excellent chemical compatibility, noise-level reduction and ultraviolet and corrosion resistance, while fiber reinforcement retains flexibility — even at low temperatures. In addition, Parflex has long-length capabilities resulting in less scrap being generated during assembly....fewer connections, results in fewer potential leak points. For fluoropolymer hose, Parflex hoses are designed to handle high temperatures in chemical and corrosive environments for the industrial mobile, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food and beverage markets. Specialty products like PAGE-flex™ SBF™ (a hose with 1/2 the minimum bend radius of a conventional smooth bore hose) and USP Class VI certified EPDM rubber covered hoses are available. We also design a full range of Parflex and PAGE hose fittings.

Tap Into Our Resources in our state-of-the-art Polymer Innovation Center, driven by the single purpose of finding solutions to your mos