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Nov 22, 2015 - breeders, catchers and club and race day staff. .... Sales began in 2012 - and while the series ... the finals of the Group 1 Melbourne Cup and.
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Bendigo Greyhound Racing Association

Lords Raceway, McIvor Highway, Junortoun



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SUNDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2015 (Kennelling will be conducted from 8:45am – 9:30am)

Heats begin at 10am

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2014 Top 10 Ready 2 Race Graduates


at 10am Friday 20 November 2015

Entering Your Greyhound Into GAP



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*Fields for heats will be published at

(Kennelling will be conducted from 8:45am – 9:30am)

Finals begin at 10am Auction - 1 hour after the last final *Fields for Finals will be published at at 10am Friday 27 November 2015

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IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PURCHASERS 1. Conditions of Sale Before bidding, all prospective purchasers should carefully read the 2015 Ready 2 Race Greyhound Sales Terms and Conditions. Prospective purchasers must also register as a bidder and receive a bidding card. (Bidder registration can be undertaken on the day of the auction)

CHAIRMAN’S INTRODUCTION Welcome to the 2015 Ready 2 Race Greyhound Sales I am very pleased to welcome you on behalf of Greyhound Racing Victoria’s (GRV) Board and team to the 2015 Ready 2 Race (R2R) Greyhound Sales. Now in its fourth year, R2R has grown to become one of the highlights of Victoria’s greyhound industry calendar. It provides a great introduction to the exciting world of greyhound racing which directly involves over 20,000 people in Victoria as owners, trainers, breeders, catchers and club and race day staff. Our state’s greyhound industry is now worth over $300 million with more than $40 million in prize money won annually in over 1100 races around the State. This year, over 100 greyhounds are up for sale at R2R, all ready to race and eligible to run in speciality races for those bought through R2R. And the industry’s renewed focus on animal welfare means there is more support, advice and options for owners throughout their greyhound’s racing and career and beyond. I would like to thank all the breeders, owners and trainers for their great commitment to the R2R series and the Victorian State government for its support and I wish you every success in finding the greyhound that will make you a proud owner and member of a fun, friendly and thrilling racing code. Bernie Carolan Chairman Greyhound Racing Victoria

2. GST The GST registration status of the Vendor is displayed on all Lots throughout the Catalogue. Where a Vendor is registered for GST, GST is additional 10% to the sale price. 3. Acknowledgement to Purchase After making the final bid on a greyhound, you will be asked to sign the official Tax Invoice slip. 4. Payments of Lots Purchased Preferred method of payment is by Credit Card. However, cheque and cash payments will also be accepted. If paying by card, it must have the VISA or MASTERCARD symbol. Payments can be made as soon as the bidder has completed purchasing to avoid delays. 5. Collection of Greyhounds Following payment, you will receive a release slip. This slip must be presented to the Kennel Staff. No Greyhound will be released without a release slip. When collecting the greyhound, you will be provided with a collar, lead, muzzle and bed for the greyhound. 6. Leaving the Kennels All Greyhounds leaving the kennel block MUST be wearing a muzzle.

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