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For agriculture and forestry, tensioning/netting, stays and fruit support wires, pulling out stakes, uprooting bushes and stirrups, etc. MoDeL f2-STD f3-STD f4-STD. Range of wire rope. 3⁄32–5⁄16 in. (2–8.4 mm) ...... Network communication through BuS RS 485 cable. □ kit includes: – dynasafe® Al63 display. – tlC 2.4 gHz ...
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  Distribution center Tractel® has sales representation   in all the major markets across North America   for fast and reliable service. 2

2016 CA Catalogue

North America locations United States of America Founded in 1941, the Tractel® group, through its worldwide manufacturing and distribution network, provides products and services to the material handling, suspended access and fall protection industries. The Tractel® Group has distribution and representation through companies in 17 countries and representatives in every major international market. Tractel Inc. – Boston 1 (800) 421-0246 [email protected] 51 Morgan Drive Norwood, MA  02062 Local: (781) 401-3288 Fax: (781) 828-7600

Tractel Inc. – Los Angeles 1 (800) 675-6727 [email protected] 168 Mason Way Unit B2, City of Industry, CA  91746 Local: (626) 937-6727 Fax: (626) 937-6730 Canada

For over 70 years, Tractel® has been designing and manufacturing innovative products and solutions for lifting, pulling and supporting all kinds of loads in dynamic environments. With the help of our time and field tested technologies, we have become a world leader in the material handling market. Our lifting and pulling equipment, such as the griphoist®/tirfor® and the tirak®-gripwinch®, are known worldwide. Whether your applications require light or heavy-duty equipment, Tractel® has the product to get the job done. We have been keeping workers suspended safely at heights for over 35 years with our tough and secure lifting and access platform technologies. It was only logical that we would want to mobilize all our ingenuity in working at heights to protect workers from falls. Over 70 years of mechanical design expertise has allowed Tractel®, to introduce innovative products into the fall protection industry. We offer a complete fall protection system, from full body harnesses and lanyards to patented devices such as the travsafe®lifeline system, the blocfor® self-retracting lifeline and the stopfor® rope grabs.

Tractel Ltd. – Montreal 1 (800) 561-3229 [email protected] 11020 Mirabeau St. Anjou, Quebec  H1J 2S3 Local: (514) 493-3332 Fax: (514) 493-3342

Our equipment are engineered and manufactured to meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry (OSHA, ANSI, CSA). All our products are submitted and approved by certified testing agencies. Our history is our guarantee of quality, making Tractel® the trusted name in the industry. For solutions in lifting or pulling and fall protection, call Tractel®.

The hoist that started it all: the tirfor®, 1941

Tractel Ltd. – Toronto 1 (800) 561-3229 [email protected] 1615 Warden Ave Scarborough, Ontario  M1R 2T3

2016 CA Catalogue


summary 10: tirfor® hoists

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13: tirfor® hoists

material handling

12: mini tensioning hoists

14: tirak® hoists

13: motorized lifting

18: pulling devices and accessories

18: pulling devices and accessories

30: floor handling

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33: lifting clamps

15: gripwinch® hoists

20: wire ropes

21: ground anchorage

24: lever chain hoists

25: chain hoists

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16: portable electric hoists

21: wire rope accessories

22: tensioning devices

26: electric chain hoists

23: hooks, pulleys and shackles

28: trolleys and clamps

31: mechanical jacks

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