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Center of Excellence


Integration Costs Are Going Through the Roof


The Need for an Integration Center of Excellence


Can You Afford to Build Your Own Center of Excellence?


Why Choose Liaison?

Integration Costs Are Going Through the Roof



A major retailer’s annual cost for building approximately 300 integration points; for an average of $30,000 per integration point1


Through 2018, half the cost of implementing IoT solutions will be spent integrating various IoT components with each other and back-end systems.2

There is no getting around the fact that the number and variety of applications, data sources, and connected devices making up the Internet of Things (IoT) being used across the organization are increasing day by day, along with the potential to integrate them. When a need for integration arises, the department or line of business (LOB) picks its favorite point-topoint integration solution and builds a custom integration. When integrations are built inconsistently, a single department or LOB at a time, they are costly to maintain and difficult to change. Very quickly the overall price of integration across the organization becomes shockingly high.

The Need for an Integration Center of Excellence


68% of CIOs struggle to find stakeholders who take anything other than a siloed view of data management3

The objective of establishing a Center of Excellence (COE) is to create economies of scale through the pooling and sharing of expertise, people, processes, and tools/applications. As a result, expertise is no longer trapped in departmental, LOB, or functional silos. With a COE, you can develop an extensive library of catalogued integrations that allow you to reuse foundational building blocks for future integrations. All of a sudden, simple integrations are no longer complex and complex integrations are surprisingly easy to achieve resulting in an increase in ROI.

Can You Afford to Build Your Own Center of Excellence?



GE made a massive investment (more than $1 billion) to build a software “Center of Excellence”4

Let’s cut to the chase: not everyone has the organizational-wide resources, skills, or guts to make a massive investment like the one GE recently made in a software COE built to complement its core competencies and increase competitiveness. Nor should they. As cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premises integration requirements increase in quantity and complexity, do you really want your organization to spend its precious time and resources achieving that next complex integration— and the next one after that? Application and integration vendors are certainly not making data integration degrees of magnitude easier.


Why Choose Liaison?

$230 Million

Over the last 3 years we have made an investment of over $230 million in our integration platform and infrastructure


We have 7000 enterprise customers globally




200,000 Trading Partners

We operate in 46 countries and have 24/7 customer support in 8 languages

We have over 200,000 active trading partners

Access to Resources and Expertise You Don’t Have Internally With Liaison as your managed services provider, not only do you have access to our cutting-edge infrastructure (we continually look to adopt and adapt technology to improve competitiveness, productivity, and efficiency of our integration platform), but also the deep experience and expertise invested in our Integration Center of Excellence (COE). We’ve seen it all and done it all, giving our COE a breadth and depth not ea