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Jul 1, 2017 - Draws will be conducted on the above-mentioned draw dates, where members can win up to a maximum of ONLY one (1) prize per draw;. 10.
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Play It Safe Members of the Workers Club Group will have the opportunity to share in $40,000 worth of cash in our Play It Safe promotion. Play it Safe will commence on Saturday 1 July 2017 and will conclude on Thursday 28 September 2017, with two (2) draws over the promotional period. The draws will be held from 7.30pm on the last Thursday of August and September. The Draws will be held at Workers Blacktown ONLY, where a total of 20 winners will be drawn from the virtual barrel to determine the winners. Rules & Conditions 1. Members can earn entries from 9.00am Saturday 1 July 2017 until 7.30pm Thursday 28 September 2017; 2. The promotion will be conducted at each site within the BWC Group, as listed below, however the draw will be conducted at Workers Blacktown ONLY and members MUST be present at this venue to win:  Workers Blacktown 55 Campbell Street Blacktown (02 9830 0600)  Workers Sports 170 Reservoir Road Blacktown (02 8822 2444)  Workers Hubertus Country Club 205 Adams Rd Luddenham (02 4773 4444) 3. The monthly draws will be conducted from 7.30pm on the following dates during 2017: Thursday 31 August Thursday 28 September 4.

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Entry Tickets for the promotion will be issued to members of the BWC Group when they make a purchase of $10 or more (accumulatively) at any Club POS terminal (excluding function sales and TAB). Members will receive one ticket for every $10 spent (i.e. 1 x $10, 2 x tickets for $20, and so on) which will be stored virtually; Sales whereby the Member redeems Workers Rewards Points will also receive one ticket for every $10 redeemed (excluding Pitstop, function sales and TAB). On the day of the draw members will be able to access their promotional tickets earned which have been stored virtually via the POS reward kiosks. Entries can be redeemed from 3.00pm until 7.30pm sharp on the draw dates mentioned above with the draw commencing shortly after. Once the promotion has commenced, late entries will NOT be accepted; It is the responsibility of the member to ensure they activate their entries for each draw; Draws will be conducted on the above-mentioned draw dates, where members can win up to a maximum of ONLY one (1) prize per draw; Entry tickets are valid for the draw the member has elected to redeem them in only. Tickets not activated will remain valid until completion of the promotion on 28 September 2017; Tickets not activated before the above date will be erased and will not work in any other promotion; The winner’s name/s will be announced via the Clubs PA system; Announcements will NOT be heard in Cucina Locale on level 5 and function rooms (otherwise specified before draw), thus it will be the responsibility of members to ensure they are within the promotional area during the draws, for them to be heard; Each winner will have 4 minutes to claim their prize; if not claimed within the 4 minutes, then another draw will take place until all participants have been selected to participate in the draw; The ten (10) winners will select one of the cases on display. Once each case is claimed the winners will open the case to reveal the cash amount they have won $3000, $1000, $750, $500, $300, $250 x3, $200 x2; The winners will then have an option to choose to keep what is inside their case or opt to choose 1 of 10 safes which four (4) will contain a x3 multiplier, three (3) will contain a x2 multiplier, two (2) will contain a half and one (1) safe will contain a bonus prize of $2000; If the winner elects to open the safe the cash prize will change per the safes ‘action’; The winner does NOT need to choose a safe if they are happy with the amount they have won; Once the winner has made a decision regarding the safe they may not change their mind as play continues. The club takes no responsibility for lost or damaged tickets, including any system errors with POS that may occur during the promotional period. If system errors do occur, ticket/s can NOT be reproduced; Promotion entr