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INCLUDES PERSPECTIVES FROM HRH The Prince of Wales | Theresa May | Joseph Muscat Amina J Mohammed | Shahid Khaqan Abbasi | Yoweri Museveni | Akinwumi Adesina Frank Bainimarama | Julia Gillard | Freundel Stuart | Roberto Azevêdo


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Lord Mayor’s Message

Sydney ranks as one of the top 10 most connected cities - alongside New York, London,Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. Through our Sustainable Sydney 2030 Program, we are ensuring that Sydney continues to be one of the world’s most liveable, sustainable and connected cities, with a key focus on the environment, society, culture and the economy. Sydney provides the headquarters for nearly 40 per cent of the top 500 Australian FRUSRUDWLRQV'LJLWDOÀQDQFLDO educational and creative businesses are all thriving in Sydney – supported by our robust economic strategy.

:HKDYHVLJQLÀFDQWVWUHQJWKV DFURVVDQXPEHURIVHFWRUV LQFOXGLQJÀQDQFLDODQG SURIHVVLRQDOVHUYLFHVWRXULVP LQWHUQDWLRQDOHGXFDWLRQ LQQRYDWLRQDQGFUHDWLYHDQG GLJLWDOVHUYLFHV The City’s global focus is to promote Sydney and its economy, attract talent, events, tourists and investment; connect local businesses internationally and build capacity through knowledge exchange to boost economic prosperity; create a thriving globally connected community;

Artist Impression: George Street Transformation by City of Sydney and Haycraft Duloy

and to further Sydney’s reputation as a competitive and innovative global city. These pages outline some of the work we’ve done to build on Sydney’s many strengths and ensure it remains an outstanding global city that continues to welcome the world.

Clover Moore Lord Mayor of Sydney

A Resilient City Sydney is part of the global 100 Resilient Cities initiative pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. Hosted by the City of Sydney, the program is a collaboration between the metropolitan councils of Sydney, the NSW Government, business and community partners. It is designed to strengthen the ability of Sydney communities to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of impending uncertainty and disruptions we all face. We are focussed on working as a whole city to address the challenges of a resilient economy, infrastructure and community.

A Sustainable City Climate change is the most critical issue facing our society and incremental steps are no longer adequate – we need to dramatically increase action if we are to achieve real outcomes. Cities are leading the way on climate action.

A Cultural City