Christmas Menu 2017 - Wright's Dairy Farm

No Sugar added Apple or Blueberry 6"..6.99. Available by pre-order or pre-packaged in store 12/22-12/24. Available by pre-order or in-store. Friday 12/22 8-7 ...
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Christmas 2017

 Vintage Christmas Cake Layers of chocolate cake filled with Italian buttercream, topped with a chocolate ganache. Serves 6-10 $35.00

Buche de Noel

A chocolate sponge cake rolled with chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache. Serves 8-10 $30.00

Dessert Cakes

Available to pre-order or in store 12/22-12/24 - Standard 8" serves 8-12

Strawberry Shortcake

A moist yellow cake, with a strawberry filling, topped with a fresh whipped cream. 23.00

Midnight in Venice

Alternating layers of white and chocolate cake soaked in a rum flavoring, with a cannoli filling topped with chocolate ganache. 32.00

Cow Cake

Two thin layers of chocolate cake with a thick layer of chocolate mousse in the center, topped with a fresh whipped cream. 32.00

Red Velvet Torte

A torte style red velvet cake filled and topped with Italian buttercream. 32.00


Layers of yellow cake soaked in espresso, filled and topped with a mascarpone cheese frosting. 35.00

Black Forest

A double layer chocolate cake with a cherry filling, topped with fresh whipped cream. Garnished with chocolate crumbs and stemmed cherries. 23.00

Zuppa Inglese

A torte style yellow cake, with one layer of custard with sliced peaches and one layer of custard with strawberries, topped with fresh whipped cream and garnished with lady fingers. 32.00

Eggnog Torte

A torte style eggnog flavored cake filled and topped with a rum flavored Italian buttercream. 32.00

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year. | 401-767-3014

Holiday Pies

Available by pre-order or pre-packaged in store 12/22-12/24

Tollhouse Cookie Pie 8".....14.00 Pecan Pie 8".......................14.00 Apple Pie .....8"...11.50 10"....16.75 Pumpkin Pie 8"...11.75 10"....14.00 Custard Pie 8"..10.50 10".....12.99

Chocolate Cream Pie 8"...11.99 10"...16.00 Coconut Custard Pie 8"...10.50 10"...12.99 Apple Cream Pie ......8"...11.99 10"....16.00 Blueberry Pie ....8"...11.50 10"....16.75 No Sugar added Apple or Blueberry 6"..6.99

Holiday Favorites

Available in store, pre-packaged only 12/22-12/24

Fruit Cake - Stollen Bread - Eggnog Cake - Cranberry Upside Down Cake - Limoncello Cake - Rum Balls - Tuscan Cascada Cake - Holiday Biscotti - 6pack Cupcakes Holiday Shaped Cookies - Assorted Chocolate Bark



Our Eggnog is Available by pre-order or in-store processed and Cinnamon Rolls 6/4.99 bottled on site. Snowflake Rolls 12/4.50 Collectable glass Babka Breads 8.95ea bottles, available cinnamon, almond or chocolate to pre-order for Christmas or in store.

Cakes Cont.

Available by pre-order or in-store

Killer Chocolate Torte 32.00 Carrot Cake 26.00 Boston Cream Pie 11.99 Peanut Butter Torte 32.00 10" Cheescake 38.00 Checkerboard Cake 15.50

Christmas Cookies

Cookies will be available pre-packaged in store 12/22-12/24 or pre-assorted trays available by order

Small Cookie Tray 2.75lbs -26.00 Large Tray 4.75lbs-45.00

Small Crystal Tray 1.75 lbs -21.95 Large Crystal Tray 3lbs -34.99

Order Info. Christmas Hours Friday 12/22 8-7 p.m. Please place your orders by Monday, December 18th. Saturday 12/23 8-7 p.m. Orders can be accepted in Sunday 12/24 7-4 p.m. person or over the phone. All orders require a deposit. Monday 12/25 Closed

New Year's Hours Saturday 12/30 8-7 p.m. Sunday 12/31 8-5 p.m. Monday 01/01 Closed Tuesday 01/02 8-7 p.m.

Please allow yourself additional time to shop due to heightened demand. Production will be geared towards Christmas favorites, therefore some products may not be available.