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January 2015 Volume 17 Number 1

Britain’s first Bio-Bus The new sustainable bus fuelled by human and food waste – See page 12

Stronger Together


Viewpoint What price oil… As I write the price of Brent crude has fallen to $59 a barrel which is a price last seen in 2009. As we all know the factual reporting of these numbers is fairly straightforward but the interpretation of what it actually means for us is less clear. Should we not all be unrestrained in our joy as the demon that is the ‘high price of oil’ is wrestled to the ground and tamed? Well, apparently not. We in the UK and in other ‘consumer’ countries around the world may enjoy lower prices for fuel and most other commodities eventually but the producer nations are feeling the pinch as they have built their economies around an oil price of $120 a barrel or more. This of course means real pain for some countries but it also impacts investment capability across the world and may well provoke destabilising influences on global markets and their supply chains. The oil price challenge will be significant for the world as 2015 progresses but it isn’t the only subject that logistics and transport professionals should be focused on. It is of course a UK general election year and whatever colour(s) the new government carries their economic policy will affect us all. Will all of the rail and road investments announced over the past couple of years survive any new government’s inevitable spending review? What will be the long awaited recommended decision for airport expansion and what will devolution and the decentralisation of powers from Westminster mean for all modes of transport in the UK? Add to this the impacts of changing consumer behaviour brought about through an increasing array of shopping and delivery options and there is much to occupy anyone planning or operating transport and logistics activity for freight, services and passengers. This is not to forget the skills shortage in our industries which continues to be a significant and growing problem that must be addressed this year. 2015 is certain to be another busy and exciting year for everyone in logistics and transport! Steve Agg FCILT, Chief Executive, CILT

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JANUARY 2015 VOLUME 17 Number 1

Contents Institute reports 10 CILT Fellows’ Lunch Record-breaking attendance at the recent CILT Fellows’ Lunch 22 PTRC’s HS2 conference Edward Funnell attends PTRC’s recent HS2 themed conference 26 CILT and the First World War Captain Phil Waterhouse CMILT tells the story of the Gedge Medal 40 CILT Level 3 Certificate in Road Passenger First Line Management The Institute launches its new Bus and Coach qualification 50 Logistics Simulation Forum We report the latest developments from the CILT Logistics Simulation Forum

Case study 12 GENeco’s Bio-Bus The UK’s first bus powered by human and food waste

Opinion 16 Cycle in the City Paul Davison reports back from a recent cycle safety and cycle logistics seminar 44 Parcel shop and locker networks Frank Proud delivers his verdict on the importance and growth of parcel shop and locker networks

16 Report 30 Transport for Greater Manchester Jon Lamonte discusses the latest transport developments in the North West of England with CILT members

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