Climate Change Action & Climate Change Action & Adaptation

Promoting Gandhinagar as Solar and Carbon Neutral City in ... Systems like Solar power packs, solar water heaters, solar .... viable green technologies.
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Climate Change Action & Adaptation Climate Change Department Government Of Gujarat

Gujarat- Action Against Climate Change  First and only State to form a separate Climate Change Department.  Allocated a budget of Rs. 110 crores for 2010-11 for Climate Change activities.  Process initiated towards formation of a comprehensive State Action Plan for Climate Change.  Action already initiated along the various missions of NAPCC.

National Solar Mission Preparation of comprehensive solar policy in 2009

aiming at 500 MW by 2014.

 Implementation of 34 projects of 716 MW already started.  Power Purchase Agreements signed with 29 companies

for 400 MW expected to generate 6400 lac Units of Electricity p.a.  Further applications for 788 MW applications from 78 Developers received as of 13-8-2010, against payment of EMD @ Rs.10 lacs / MW

GoG signed MoU with Clinton Climate Initiative for

setting up of a 3000 MW Solar Park

Solar Mission…………………..contd  Renewable Purchase Obligation increased from 2% to 10%.  Promoting Gandhinagar as Solar and Carbon Neutral City in


 Solar street lighting and load management already introduced.  Design and construction of carbon neutral climate change

complex in Gandhinagar.  Systems like Solar power packs, solar water heaters, solar airconditioners to be installed in government owned and government aided institutions and organizations.  Allocated an amount of Rs. 19 crores in 2010-11 for the above.

 Green Solar projects worth Rs. 22 crores to be initiated in


 Includes installation of solar (PV) power operated grids;

connected or stand alone decentralized power plants which will have higher geographical dispersion.

National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency  Reduced electricity transmission losses from 31% to 22% in four years

through Jyotigram Yojana( Energy reforms).  Highest number of Certified Emission Reductions credits in India – 33.482 million  Major project towards energy efficiency in Government buildings like Sachivalay, High Court, etc by introduction of CFL & T5, solar powered lighting, improved load management systems, etc.  Savings of around Rs. 4.5 crores in last 6 years.  GUDC has commissioned the Largest Urban Energy Efficiency Programme (MEEP) in major municipalities.  Aims at 30% energy savings.  Industrial Energy Audit schemes being streamlined and exploration to link for bundling under CDM.  Rs. 21 crores allocated for energy efficiency schemes in 2010-11.

National Mission on Sustainable Habitat  Compost plants for all Urban Local bodies planned with 75

operational.  First ever Methane recovery plant for power generation from Sewage in Surat.  Total installed capacity is 3.5 MW.  More than 1.28 crores of KWH electricity generated.  52000 tCO2 emissions reduced.  Project also put up for CDM approval.

 Construction of fly overs to reduce vehicular emissions

due to traffic congestion.  Systematic phasing out of petrol diesel vehicles in Ahmedabad/

Gandhinagar through GR to augment fuel efficiency and control air pollution. 500 PUCs across the state for strict compliance of emission norms. Ahmedabad drops to 4th rank from 66th for Air pollution.

Sustainable Habitat Mission…..contd  Statewide gas grid of 1500 kms commissioned with another

800 kms in pipeline.  Switching over of 3.5 lakh vehicles to cleaner fuels  Provided 4 lakhs domestic CNG/LNG connections in towns and


 Successful implementation of BRTS in Ahmedabad. Further

planning in Surat and Rajkot.  GoI conferred Best Mass Rapid Transit System in India Award

2008-09.  Received 2010- Sustainable Transport Award in Washington.  Received Joint Runner Up Award from International Transport Forum and Internati