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May 4, 2015 - Website ... Pg. 15 Scratch Policy, Upcoming Meets ... to have both Coach Chuck and Coach Allison build the club into what it is.
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Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015


Head Coach, Russ Franklin’s Article on “Why Should I Get Involved In Club Warriors?”

Head Coach Russ Franklin’s Article on “Why Should I Get Involved in Club Warriors” - Group photo of coaches

Why should I get involved with Club Warriors?

Pg. 3-5 All the Swim Coaches

Group updates

Pg. 6 Thinula De Silva, Sets 7 New Club Warrior Records! Pg. 7-8 Pg. 9

Swimathon 2015 Update and Collage of Pictures Article on “Top Food Mistakes Made by Swimmers”

Pg. 10 WOSA SC Regional Collage of Pictures and Results. Pg. 11-12 Tutorial, how to Find Your way around Website Pg. 13 Ontario - Canada Games Development Swim Team Pg. 14 Red vs. Black CW In-house Meet Collage Pg. 15 Scratch Policy, Upcoming Meets Pg. 16 Club Warriors Contact info.

As a parent you may ask yourself the above question, and follow it up with “I pay my fees what more should I do”? The first and most powerful answer is the simplest, “I should help because it benefits my child”. The second answer is that Clubs like CW cannot function without substantial volunteer help. The economics are not there for a full professional staff to do all the things that need doing. The Club needs a little bit of time from everyone, a little more from some and on occasion, a great deal from a few. A simple Club goal is to devise a system where the coach is left free to do what they do best…Coach. This means that parents take responsibility for Fund Raising, Administration, Club Communication and similar items. How can I get involved? Fund Raising – bring in dollars to make up the difference between operating budget and club fees. There aren’t many organizations with enough operating funds and we are no exception. Most of us are experts at spending and less expert at raising money. Much help is needed here. 

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Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Head Coach, Russ Franklin’s Article on “Why Should I Get Involved In Club Warriors” Contd. Publicity – In house through bulletins, write ups, newsletters etc. and in the Public eye with newspaper articles TV/Radio coverage. Letting people know about the Club, its goals, aims, results and personal stories. Membership – Recruit, Register, Educate, Retain. There are many possible “jobs” to volunteer for. If you are interested in this area talk to a Board Member. Administration – The Board of Directors takes on most if not all of the Administrative duties, volunteering to help out by sitting on a committee or being an apprentice is important. Swim Meets – For now, the swim meets that CW run are strictly In House so we do not use them as a source of revenue for the Club. The plan for the future is to eventually have a strong enough parent group of officials that we could host “Invitational Meets” that would generate more monies for the Club. Whether the meet is an In House or Invitational meet, they cannot be run without a large number of parent volunteers. A virtual army of officials ( just like you) run the meets for our swimmers. No parents – No Swim Meet! Stability is what helps build an organization, stability in Philosophies and Staff as well as Stability in membership. Since the Club’s inception, CW has been lucky to have both Coach Chuck and Coach Allison build the club into what it is today. A key for the Club’s continued success is a membership that contributes to that Stability and grows with the Club. As your child progresses in swimming, stay with your club, and help it progress. And remember, it is all for FUN and all for your youngster!! Russ Franklin

CW Swim Coaches For the 2014/2015 Season Back Row (Left to Right): Rob Taylor, Russ Franklin, Jesse MacLeod Middle Row (Left to Right) : Jonah Read, Jennifer Kay, Madison Stecho, Mary McPhee, Allison Meklensek, Nathan Wilson Front Row: Lexi Meklensek 

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Russ Franklin “Head Coach” Elit