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Unless credit is awarded by approved official tests, i.e., AP, ..... Art & Art History accepts transfer credit from all Florida programs that are part of the "common ...
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The College of The Arts exists in the context of a dynamic, contemporary, urban, research university setting, characterized by its cultural diversity. The College provides opportunities for students to develop their interests and talents to the fullest whether they wish to pursue a creative or performing career, a research career, a teaching career, or life-long artistic enrichment.

Mission The mission of the USF College of The Arts is to conduct scholarly and creative research and to challenge and inspire students to make significant contributions in the arts. The College provides a learning environment that is engaged locally and nationally in contemporary issues and initiatives.

Vision The College aspires to achieve national and international recognition as a distinguished center for study, creation, and research (in architecture & community environmental design, publishing of prints and sculpture multiples, visual arts, dance, music, theatre, and contemporary exhibitions). The College will provide an innovative and exciting environment in which to prepare the next generation of architects, artists, designers, educators, scholars, and audiences for these disciplines. The College will support and promote creative research (including history and theory), performance, and production in these disciplines while continuing to engage the Tampa Bay community by enriching the cultural landscape and advancing sustainable practices. More information about each program is available on the College website at

Following are the undergraduate academic programs offered by the College of The Arts: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Art History (AHM) Dance (DAN) Dance Studies (DAS) Music Studies (MSU) Studio Art (SBA)

Theatre (TAR) Design (TAD) Performance (TAP) Theatre Arts (TAA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Dance (DAN) Ballet (DAB) Modern Dance (DAM) Studio Art (SBF)

Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Music Performance (MUS) Acoustic & Electronic Composition (MUC) Jazz Studies (MJP) Performance (MPF)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Honors Program

Music Education (MUE)


Minors Art (ART) Dance (DAN)

Theatre (TAR)

Certificates Visualization and Design

Minor Programs Majors in the College of The Arts may pursue a minor in any certified minors program at USF except within the same arts discipline as the major. The requirements for these programs are located under the school academic program descriptions and also require that a minimum of eight hours be taken at USF.

Undergraduate Admission to the College of The Arts Admission to the College of The Arts is contingent on acceptance into the university through the USF Office of Admissions. Additionally, students who wish to major or minor in art history, dance, or theatre should contact the respective School. Admission is open for Theatre majors. Auditions are required for admission to the Dance program 476


and the School of Music and must occur on specific dates as posted by those programs. The School of Art & Art History requires a satisfactory portfolio review of all candidates seeking admission to the B.A. in Studio Art or the B.F.A. in Studio Art. Specific dates will be posted by the program. Students who have not presented an acceptable portfolio on the posted date prior to orientation and registration will not be admitted into the School. The B.A. in Art History does not require a portfolio review. Please note, however, that Art History majors may take only those studio courses mandated by the state for their degree program. Art History students, who wish to take other studio courses, or to double major, must successfully fulfill the requirement for portfolio review at the regularly schedule