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Education. Rt Hon Nick Clegg. Rebecca Allen. Suella Fernandes MP. Sam Freedman. Stephen Kinnock MP. Commission on Inequality in Education ...
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Under the chairmanship of Nick Clegg, the Commission on Inequality in Education brought together politicians of all parties and experts in education policy, to study one of the persistent problems of British social policy and produce innovative, practical solutions that will help improve the prospects of children from low-income households who are still too often let down by the education system. The Commission’s work was proudly supported by the Social Market Foundation, the leading non-partisan think-tank that has for almost 30 years been dedicated to developing policies that will make Britain more prosperous and fair.

Commission on Inequality in Education

Commission on Inequality in Education

Commission on Inequality in Education

Rt Hon Nick Clegg Rebecca Allen Suella Fernandes MP Sam Freedman Stephen Kinnock MP

Commission on Inequality in Education

Rt Hon Nick Clegg Rebecca Allen Suella Fernandes MP Sam Freedman Stephen Kinnock MP

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CHAIR Mary Ann Sieghart MEMBERS OF THE BOARD Matthew d’Ancona Baroness Olly Grender MBE Nicola Horlick Baroness Tessa Jowell DBE Sir Brian Pomeroy CBE Peter Readman Baroness Gillian Shepherd

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CONTENTS About The Commission


Introduction 4 Key Findings


Recommendations 7 Chapter 1: The Evidence on Inequality in Education


Chapter 2: Teachers


Chapter 3: Parents and Families


Chapter 4: Recommendations


Endnotes 68


ABOUT THE COMMISSION The commission was convened in January 2016 by Nick Clegg. The other members are Rebecca Allen of Education Datalab, Suella Fernandes MP, Sam Freedman of Teach First and Stephen Kinnock MP. The secretariat is provided by the Social Market Foundation. To produce this report, the commission reviewed the evidence on inequality in education, produced new analysis of issues where further focus was needed and consulted with stakeholders across the education system.

INTRODUCTION Reducing inequality in education is a challenging task where progress has been all too slow. This report reviews the evidence on inequality across time and observes how little it has changed, and in some cases how the situation has actually worsened over time. The evidence we set out shows that how much money a child’s parents earn, which region they live in and their ethnicity are all very significant factors in how su