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“domestic and small business consumer” means a person who— ...... on the dominant provider about the use of cost accounting systems, it shall be their duty ...
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Communications Act 2003 CHAPTER 21

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Communications Act 2003 CHAPTER 21

CONTENTS PART 1 FUNCTIONS OF OFCOM Transferred and assigned functions 1 2

Functions and general powers of OFCOM Transfer of functions of pre-commencement regulators General duties in carrying out functions

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General duties of OFCOM Duties for the purpose of fulfilling Community obligations Directions in respect of networks and spectrum functions Duties to review regulatory burdens Duty to carry out impact assessments Duty to publish and meet promptness standards Secretary of State’s powers in relation to promptness standards Accessible domestic communications apparatus


Duty to encourage availability of easily usable apparatus Media literacy


Duty to promote media literacy OFCOM’s Content Board

12 13

Duty to establish and maintain Content Board Functions of the Content Board

Communications Act 2003 (c. 21)


Functions for the protection of consumers 14 15 16 17 18 19

Consumer research Duty to publish and take account of research Consumer consultation Membership etc. of the Consumer Panel Committees and other procedure of the Consumer Panel Power to amend remit of Consumer Panel Advisory committees

20 21

Advisory committees for different parts of the United Kingdom Advisory committee on elderly and disabled persons International matters

22 23

Representation on international and other bodies Directions for international purposes in respect of broadcasting functions General information functions

24 25 26

Provision of information to the Secretary of State Community requirement to provide information Publication of information and advice for consumers etc. Employment in broadcasting


Training and equality of opportunity Charging


General power to charge for services Guarantees


Secretary of State guarantees for OFCOM borrowing Provisions supplemental to transfer of functions

30 31

Transfers of property etc. from pre-commencement regulators Transitional functions and abolition of pre-commencement regulators PART 2 NETWORKS, SERVICES AND THE RADIO SPECTRUM CHAPTER 1 ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS AND SERVICES Preliminary


Meaning of electronic communications networks and services

Communications Act 2003 (c. 21)


Notification by providers 33 34 35 36 37

Advance notification to OFCOM Designations and requirements for the purposes of s. 33 Notification of contraventions of s. 33 Enforcement notification for contravention of s. 33 Penalties for contravention of s. 33 Administrative charges imposed on providers

38 39 40 41 42 43

Fixing of charges Supplemental provision about fixing charges Notification of non-payment of charges Penalties for non-payment of charges Suspending service provision for non-payment Enforcement of directions under s. 42 Register of providers required to notify or to pay charges


Duty of OFCOM to keep publicly accessible register Conditions of entitlement to provide network or service etc.

45 46 47 48 49 50

Power of OFCOM to set conditions Persons to whom conditions may apply Test for setting or modifying conditions Procedure for setting, modifying and revoking conditions Directions and approvals for the purposes of a s. 45 condition Delivery of copies of notifications etc. General conditions: subject-matter


Matters to which general conditions may relate General conditions: customer interests

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