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Apr 14, 2014 - Store. As an opportunity to promote the importance of literacy and explore the fun that enhanced ... “status” window on your Facebook page.
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Communications Toolkit myON: a Digital Library for Every Child in Arizona Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long! Campaign Dates: April 14 – September 30, 2014

Welcome   Thank you for your interest in promoting literacy in Arizona! Read On Arizona is a partnership of organizations committed to ensuring our children have the language and literacy skills they need to be reading at grade level by third grade. In support of these efforts, through a collaborative partnership with myON – a leading provider of digital literacy, setting the trend for personalized reading – all Arizona children ages three and up will have free and unlimited access to thousands of digital books from April through September 2014. The books in myON are available to Arizona children and families at home, at school and in community centers. In fact, access is available anywhere, anytime students can access an Internet connection or a device such as an iPad or a Kindle. Offline reading is also supported through free downloadable apps available at iTunes, Google Play or the Kindle Store. As an opportunity to promote the importance of literacy and explore the fun that enhanced digital books can provide for children and their families across Arizona, we are asking schools, libraries, communities and families to read every day, especially during the summer months, and to remember that 20 minutes a day makes a difference. This toolkit contains ideas, articles and social media messages you can use to help spread the word about this innovative reading solution to keep kids reading all summer long to your audiences. It includes: Sample social media posts to send out periodically to encourage reading to followers in your audience (Facebook, Twitter) Blog/newsletter messaging Sample family literacy activities

About the Campaign This is a Special Event Campaign with messages designed for families. NOTE: Please make sure you “LIKE” the Read On Arizona page before you begin. When you log in to Facebook, simply search for Read On Arizona and select the page.

Social Media How to Tag a Fan Page STEP 1:“Like”Read On Arizona’s Facebook page ( This step only needs to be completed once. STEP 2: Select one of the sample messages posted below and copy/paste it into the “status” window on your Facebook page. The following are some Facebook posts you can use periodically throughout the campaign. We suggest that you post bi-weekly and will continue to send sample messages to you each month of the campaign. Please “tag” your posts with @ReadOnArizona and use the Hashtag #ReadOnAZ. Eliminate the summer slide and read 20 minutes a day this summer with @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ” “Kids not only need to read a lot but they need lots of books they can read right at their fingertips.” Richard L. Allington. @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ” Thomas Jefferson said, “I cannot live without books.” Now all kids in Arizona get access to over 4000 digital books to read over the summer.  @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ” Arizona Kids, are you ready to read? Go to (insert website link) for your login information and you have access to a virtual backpack of books!  @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ” Early literacy is key to get kids prepared to enter kindergarten. There are over 500 books perfect for kids 3-5 years old. @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ

The following are some Twitter messages for use periodically throughout the campaign to promote reading. Please us the hashtag #ReadOnAZ (Insert celebrity) recommends that parents should read with their child for at least 1520 minutes! @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ “There is no substitute for books in the life of a child." — May Ellen Chase @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift." — Kate DiCamillo @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go." — Dr. Seuss @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ Read with you child today to instill the love of reading. @ReadOnArizona #ReadOnAZ @myONreader. For more information, #ReadOnAZ

Website/Blog/Newsletter Messaging Similar to other social media posts, please use the hashtag #ReadOnAZ, if you are distributing your message online. If you have the opportunity to direct your readers to the Read On Arizona website, that is also encouraged in these longer text opportunities: To help ensure that Read On Arizona is supporting kids reading all summer long we are offering all Arizona students, ages three years and older, access to a library of thousands of enhanced digital books on computers, tablets and other devices, wherever they are over the summer. Books are available online anytime, anywhere a student has access to an Internet connection, 24/7. Also, free downloadable apps are available for offline reading through iTunes or Google Play or Kindle Store. The apps allow children to download up to 20 books at a time on a device and read them in an offline setting. Sign up begins April 14th, and children have access to the digital library trial through September 30, 2014. Families and readers will be able to choose from a collection that includes thousands of digital books in a variety of genres and formats. They will be able to read the books independently or activate audio and text highlighting to support their reading. An embedded dictionary provides help with pronunciation and definitions for words they may not know. Encouraging a child to read independently or with family members during the summer, even just 20 minutes a day, can make a huge difference! Sign up today and start making a reader this summer! For more information visit or follow the simple sign up instructions below. It takes only a few simple steps to access myON books: 1. Go online to: 2. Click on then select the “Log In Now” button and enter the following information • School Name: Read On Arizona, Digital Library (Begin entering the first few letters and then select from the drop-down menu) • User name: read • Password: read 3. Click on submit, select a book and start reading


Activities Communities: • Host a Celebrate Reading Party and Invite Virtual Read-In Participation. Select a date and time to encourage families to gather at a community center to read together using myON. For families unable to attend, invite them to participate virtually by reading at the same time from wherever they are and ask them to post notes about what they are reading on the Read On Arizona Facebook page or the Facebook page you use to access your audience. Schools: • Invite parents, grandparents and other family members to read together with their children all summer long. Send phone tree and email messages to your families about their access to myON and send one of the sample family communication pieces available at ( home in your report card packets at the end of the year and/or Friday folders that you routinely send home with students. Combat summer slide by encouraging reading all summer long. Families: • Make reading fun by asking your child to read with you and take turns allowing your child to choose a book. •

Play teacher: Hand your child a book and let them pretend to be the teacher. We arrange stuffed animals and dolls in a circle and pretend is circle time. You can be part of the audience as well.

Thank you for helping promote literacy in Arizona! Questions? For technical support, please contact myON Support at For more information about myON, please contact Terre Bommarito at [email protected] or 623.738.5335