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Attention schools, churches, youth sports teams and service groups. ... Host your fundraiser evening at any of our restaurants in Arizona, California, Illinois,.
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COMMUNITY SERVICE NIGHTS Attention schools, churches, youth sports teams and service groups. It is now easy to raise money for your organization by doing something everyone loves to do — enjoy dinner at Claim Jumper! Claim Jumper’s Community Partnership Program offers an easy and exciting fundraising opportunity for your organization. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: How does it work? Claim Jumper will donate 15% of all pre-tax sales (excluding tax & gratuity) generated by your organization the night of the event. Flyers produced and distributed by your group will identify your guests as members of your fundraiser night. It’s that easy! If you are interested, let us know and we will work together to make this a successful event for your organization. As a neighbor in the community, we are looking forward to working with you! Who can participate? Subject to review and selection, any non-profit organization can take part in Claim Jumper’s Community Partnership Program including: • Soccer Clubs • Senior Communities • Church Groups • Parent Teacher Organizations • School Bands • Girl Scouts • Boy Scouts • Preschool • Cheerleading Squads • Camps • Student Councils • Little League Teams • High School Sports Teams • Grad Night • Booster Clubs • Sororities/Fraternities • Swim Teams How do we benefit? 15% of all pre-tax sales brought in by your supporters will be donated directly to your organization! Flyers presented when ordering will identify members of your group. When can we host our event? Fundraisers are available on a limited, first come-first serve basis and may be held on Monday-Thursday, excluding holidays. Please contact your local Claim Jumper for availability.

Where can we host our event? Host your fundraiser evening at any of our restaurants in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington. For a location near you, please visit Why choose Claim Jumper? Raise money for your organization in a fun, relaxed setting while enjoying Claim Jumper’s great service, food and atmosphere. We strive to help local and community-based organizations achieve their fundraising goals and look forward to working with your group. Steps to success: With the help of your committee, decide on potential fundraising dates (Monday-Thursday). Identify an Event Chairperson who will be the main point of contact. Hand out flyers to as many supporters as possible in the weeks before your scheduled night. Flyers are required with each order to receive credit for the fundraiser. Flyers may not be distributed in or outside of Claim Jumper before or during your event. Thank you for understanding. Relax and enjoy your evening at Claim Jumper Restaurant! Your organization will earn 15% (pre-tax) from each sale when a flyer is submitted. You will then receive your fundraiser check 6 - 8 weeks after your event. Please note that a fundraiser is only considered “scheduled” after you receive confirmation from Claim Jumper Restaurants. Successful fundraising tips: • Insert fundraiser flyer in a weekly newsletter • Announce the event and attach a downloadable fundraiser flyer on your organization’s website • Attach flyer in an e-mail to your office, family and friends • Contact the local newspaper. It’s always looking for information on charitable events • Pass out flyers during large gatherings/group meetings/events • Announce the fundraiser over the P.A. system reminding people to pick up their flyer Let us help • Promote your night on a marquee or bulletin How do I book an event? Requirements to book a Community Service Night include: • Your fundraiser night must be booked 2 weeks prior to your event • A completed W9 form must be filled out and submitted before your date is secured

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To book a Community Service Night, please contact your local Claim Jumper.

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