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Remember to highlight to Owner and Design Teams in sales presentation the ... Blackberry Playbook, Cruz Tablet and The Incredible (Android) were added to ...
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October 1, 2010

CONNECT-THE-DOCS NUMBER #06, VOLUME 1 VMC - Doyle Drive - Mission Bay - Brookwood - SFPUB - Belovida - Los Gatos Gardens

CONNECT-THE-DOCS : Integrate, Transform and Embed Intelligence

Good Morning! To our current Valley Medical Center clients--Welcome to our October Newsletter! This month we will feature eDrawingSetTM a Tool for Close-Out and Presentations, Mobile Services Update, New Class of Smartphones and Tablets and Quarterly Survey Results. The drivers of our monthly newsletters and conversations will continue to be the ideas and feedback from your experiences as MDS clients. The Mosaic team eDrawingSetTM is a tool during the project close-out and presentations: * Speeds the preparation for Contract Required As-Builts * Reduces Change Order dilution. Don’t take 10 cents on the dollar at the end of the project. With the right information readily available, you can fight for your changes and win. * Remember to highlight to Owner and Design Teams in sales presentation the value your firm brings when merging your talents with our services. * Reduce storage requirement for drawings. Keep closed projects content active for training purposes. Please review Mosaic Document pricing for electronic archiving and document preparation. A-S2.00A

Early High Strength RFI BB 00670 (LC 01)

RFI 2255 - Drain Pipe in /Conflict with Construction Joint

RFI 2194 (LC 131) PC3 Oversized Excavation. Stayform Approved.

RFI 2195 (LC 132) CJ Revised due to Lobby Link Delay.

RFI 1564A Rework

Early High Strength


RFI BB 00670 (LC 01)

for (E) Footing


Early High Strength RFI BB 01189

Offset columns and RFI 1977A (LC 111) -

Column Encasements

Typical Columns offset from

5/C.7, 2/B.4, 2/E and 12/L

center of gradebeam

RFI BB 01271

RFI 2123 Form Saver at PC-4's

Understand the Drawing Development

RFI 2020 (VMC 148 REI) Underslab Rough-In

CO #57 Compaction Remediation


See Package D 13/A-S7.02 RFI BB 01118

RFI 1800F

PC-2 Location Revised due to (E) Steam Pipe

RFI BB 01479B RFI 2197 (LC 134)

OSHPD CO #32 - PC2 Dimensions Provided,

See SK-BB-1479B-1

CJ Revised due to RFI 1564C - Dim Clarification

Requested in RFI 743

Lobby Link Delay.

RFI BB 02167 and 2167A

Horizontal Construction

(LC 130) All PC-3's per Det

Joint at E, 7 and F.5.

11/A-S3.02. S2.00A and S2.00B. Thicken SOG around PC-3's 10x10 centered.

RFI BB 01594 (LC 091)

RFI 1479 Dimensional Clarification (See AA2.00UA)

RFI 2233 (LC 143) GB8 at Line 7 Over

RFI 2244 (CJ 083)


Pier Cap 3/4in High

Backfill rat slab mix.


RFI 1044A (LC 014) Concrete Encasement Clarification

RFI 2050 (LC 118) Column Encasement Required RFI 2166 (LC 129)

use Det 13/A-S3.00

Connection not required to the E Line wall and footing.

3 6 RFI 2077 Use Det 3/A-S3.06

Current Drawing

BID Drawing Apple App of Month - RedLaser, nominated by Michelle Baker The iPad is a unique device that affords some comforts. RedLaser quickly checks local prices for thousands of items.

Note next month is the tentative release date of Apple’s iOS4.2 for the iPad. This is also the likely launch date of Apple’s Wireless print utility, multi-tasking created for their mobile devices. iPad for Business

Definition of the Day Concatenate - 1. To join together; units in a series or chain. verb During a site visit with a Contractor the term concatenate was used to describe our se