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December 1, 2010

CONNECT-THE-DOCS NUMBER #08, VOLUME 1 Rosendin - FW Spencer - Largo Concrete - CMC Rebar - Pacific Coast Steel - Brady

CONNECT-THE-DOCS : Integrate, Transform and Embed Intelligence Good Morning! To our current clients, trial users and friends--Welcome to our December Newsletter! This month we will expand on the concepts of Project Close-Up (Kings Crossing), 80/20, “How long do you search for a drawing?”, Blur = Speed X Connectivity X Intangibles and “Shotgun Email.” The drivers of our monthly newsletters and conversations will continue to be the ideas and feedback from your experiences as MDS clients.

Project Close-Up, Kings Crossing Owner - Charities General Contractor - Core Builders Largo Concrete and Pacific Coast Steel The King Crossings Apartments will include 94 units of permanent, affordable rental housing. The development will also contain a variety of community spaces including a multi-purpose room, staff and service provider offices, community kitchen, fitness center, laundry, public restrooms, and an outdoor play area for the children. (read more)

Number of the day - On average, 3.1% of project costs in the construction industry are related to the inability to manage and communicate electronic project data among collaborative firms...the inability to effectively communicate can add up to 30% of Project costs. Source: SMRI 2010 Report

80/20 Rule The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Mosaic Document Solutionsʼ is grounded in this tenet. The critical content that is used by core construction team is not an infinite field of all data created by the project. In fact, by adding value to a fractional percent creates dramatic benefits to all consumers of rich integrated content.

“Stay Nimble” - BLUR

We hear lots of great ways our services support our construction clients (Reduce Project Risk, Increase Productivity, Reducing Printing Costs, and Marketing Edge). But the most unique, came from a team in Southern California last week. “Things have changed from the old days...Everything moving faster, documents are larger. It’s all become a blur; I can’t remember yesterday. For guys like me, [Mosaic] can remove the ‘Blur’.” Let’s focus of this book, Blur from 1999. It meaningfully explored the relationships of speed, connectivity and intangibles that impact business decision making. Davis and Meyer foresaw a new period dawning in which communication speeds alone would alter not only workflow, but for revision of each workflow and role. “Intangibles are knowledge and its mobility.”

Blur - Stan Davis & Christopher Meyer

We are living in these dramatic times.

Document Integration for BuilderTM


December 1, 2010

CONNECT-THE-DOCS NUMBER #08, VOLUME 1 VMC - Kings Crossing - Belovida - Los Gatos Gardens - HIBAY - Sunroad - Orvieto

“How Long do you search?” Searching for information required to make decisions takes up a significant part of our working day. Although this is just a simple cartoon, it illustrates a real dilemma we face when dealing with current technology solutions, be it FTP’s, Cloud Storage Solutions or Middleware providers. Even when we are successful in finding the proverbial “needle in the hay stack”, what happens next is even more important. Does the team continue to use a repository? Or Do you try something different?

Found it!!? Now, who do I have to email it to?

Apple Tip Battery Life (read more) To increase the life of your mobile device consider using these tips.

Shotgun e-mail refers to an e-mail requesting information, providing requested deliverable(s) or action that only requires the efforts of one person but is sent to multiple people in an effort to guarantee that at least one person will respond. The s