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Conference Program

The premier internaƟonal conference on high performance compuƟng, networking, storage and analysis Salt Palace ConvenƟon Center Salt Lake City Utah November 10-16, 2012 www.sc12.supercompuƟ SC12.supercompuƟ

Salt Lake City, Utah • SC12

SC12 Wordles On the back of each secƟon divider in this program are wordles. Each Wordle was constructed using the words from the abstracts for that secƟon. The size of the text is proporƟonal to the frequency each word appears in the abstracts. As you look at each wordle, you can see themes that are important in mulƟple secƟons of the conference, but also can see the unique emphasis of each area emerge.

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General Informa on/SCinet 9 Registra on and Conference Store Hours 9 Registra on Categories 10 Registra on Pass Access 11 Exhibit Hall Hours 11 Informa on Booth Hours 11 SC13 Preview Booth Hours 11 Social Events 12 Services/Facili es 13 SCinet



Map/Daily Schedules 19 Downtown Area Map 21 Daily Schedules




Posters/Scien fic Visualiza on Showcase 79 Research Posters 97 ACM Student Research Compe on Posters 100 Scien fic Visualiza on Showcase






Birds of a Feather




Exhibitor Forum

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Keynote/Invited Talks/Panels 39 Keynote 39 Invited Talks 44 Panels



Communi es 165 HPC Educators 169 Broader Engagement 173 Doctoral Showcase

Salt Lake City, Utah • SC12

SC12 • Salt Lake City, Utah




Welcome from the Chair Welcome to Utah and to the 2012 conference (SC12) on high performance compu ng, networking, storage and analysis, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and the Associa on for Compu ng Machinery (ACM). SC12 once again features a high quality technical program. We had a record 472 paper submissions and accepted 100 papers for presenta on during the conference. In addi on to papers, we have a great variety of invited talks, panels, posters and birds-of-a-feather sessions (BOFs) throughout the week. Bookending the conference will be tutorials on Sunday and Monday plus workshops on Sunday, Monday, and Friday. Nearly every part of the conference set records for submissions this year. The technical program commi ee has worked hard to select the best and most diverse program ever. The focus of SC12 is on you—the conference a endee. We are working hard to make the conference more a endee friendly. To start, we have simplified the number of named ac vi es at the conference. For example, the Keynote, plenary speakers and Masterworks are combined into one program called “Invited Talks.” In addi on, we are working to lay out the conference space with a endee needs as the highest priority. The Salt Palace Conven on Center provides close access from the exhibit hall to the technical program rooms. To allow you to meet with colleagues, we have created three a endee lounges throughout the conven on center to provide a place to sit down and recharge both yourself and your electronic devices. Finally, we are trying to make it easier to find ac vi es and mee ngs. For example, rather than printed cardboard signs, most mee ng rooms will have electronic signs which will always be up to date reflec ng any last-minute changes.


The Exhibit hall houses a record number of exhibitors from a range of industry, academic, and govern