Congruence Code Accelerator

Welcome to your Congruence Code Accelerator. Since you snagged this checklist, you must be ready for that next level of freedom, alignment and congruence.
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By: Debbie Lichter

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By: Debbie Lichter


Hello my friend! Welcome to your Congruence Code Accelerator. Since you snagged this checklist, you must be ready for that next

freedom, alignment and congruence. It's time for you to be ALL of you! level of

But before you can truly be all of you and

shine your light, you

need to understand what Congruence is and why it's important.

Congruence is a

state of agreement and harmony. Internal

congruence means that your head, your heart and your gut are all in agreement together and operating on the same team. You trust

follow your gut, you feel and honor your feelings and you have peace of mind. and

Why is this important?

addiction, obsession and self sabotaging goes away. You have nothing holding you back from being authentically all of you and you have the courage and confidence to truly put yourself out there and live your purpose. Because when you're operating congruently,

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By: Debbie Lichter

On the other hand, when you're living incongruently, your


head overrules your heart and negates your gut instinct. This 

you from your authentic self and sets you up for addiction, obsession and self sabotaging patterns to thrive.

Incongruence also blocks you from receiving the gifts and guidance from the universe which can make you feel and


disconnected, anxious

The Congruence Code Accelerator as your guide to identify the congruent and incongruent qualities that are showing up for you so you can get clarity on where you're on track and where you Use

might be getting stuck or holding back. 

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honest as you can about where you are right now, give yourself time to really reflect on each section, and stay open and curious about what you To get the most out of this Checklist, be as


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When you are congruent in Gateway 1 you experience: Connection. A sense of calm, safety and grounding inside of yourself, you're connected in your body and comfortable in your own skin, you feel connected to the Earth and Nature and supported by its power. You feel a sense of belonging, you are able to be real and honest with what is without guilt, shame or judgement, you’re ready to take a stand for the true you, you are humble: Willing to show up, ask for help and learn what you don’t know. Your stance is strong, equally balanced on both legs and you are stable, solid and secure.

When you are incongruent in Gateway 1 you may experience: Chaos. Feeling Anxious, depressed, alone, unsafe, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, ashamed, embarrassed, distracted, in denial, in delusion, not being honest with yourself, procrastinating, avoiding, worrying, isolating, not feeling like you belong here, doing things half-assed, trying to be perfect/all-ornothing/black-and-white, in paralysis by analysis, having low energy, busyness, not self caring or taking time for you, overextending, trying t