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May 11, 2016 - Student. How to enable my notifications ... Change your email settings. By default the ... Type in your custom email, then click save to confirm. 6.
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How to enable my notifications

Author: James Croft Last Updated: 11/05/2016

1. Log in to Connect with your student number and password.

2. Click on your name in the minibar at the top.

3. Select Notifications from the dropdown.

4. Change your email settings By default the email address you gave when you enrolled at TAFE Queensland will display as your preferred contact method. Your emailed notifications will go to this address. If you’d like to change this address, click on Change your email settings.

5. Type in your custom email, then click save to confirm.

6. Summary of Activity You can also choose how often you’d like to receive notifications under Summary of Activity. Select Daily if you’d like a summary of unit activity once a day or leave as Never if you’d like to receive your notifications as soon as unit activities occur.

7. Choose instant notifications Choose from the list and select instant notifications you'd like to receive. It is highly recommended that you select the grade notifications, as this is the fastest way to find out when your work has been marked and to see any feedback on your work.

8. Customise Notifications By default, Include my grade value in notifications from Grades is already selected, however you can choose to either deselect this option, or select one of the other options about past, future and inactive units.

9. Exclude units You can choose which of your enrolled units that you’d like to receive notifications. To do this click on Manage my unit exclusions.

10. Exclude a unit To exclude a unit click on the x next to the unit’s name. You’ll notice that the icon changes to a restore arrow.

11. Restore an excluded unit If you want to start receiving notifications from units that you’ve previously excluded you can either select the individual unit’s restore button or click Restore excluded units to begin receiving notifications about all of your units again.

12. Click Save to apply your changes.