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May 11, 2015 - Before you can make changes to your content area, make sure you are in ' ... Add a title, and URL (the web address of your resource). You can ...
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Connect Guide

Content Add Topics

Author: James Croft Last Updated: 11/05/2015

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1. Switch to 'Add Content' mode. Before you can make changes to your content area, make sure you are in 'Add Content' mode.

2. Click your Profile dropdown.

3. Select 'View as Educator - Add Content'

4. Role has been switched. You'll notice that both your profile in the minibar, and the Staff Links widget has changed to reflect your role switch.

5. Click 'Content' in the navbar.

6. Choose a module to add a topic to.

7. Adding a file or document. Click the 'New' button.

8. Click 'Upload Files'.

9. Drag and drop a file to upload it to Connect. You can also click the 'Upload' button and browse your computer for a file, or multiple files.

10. File is now attached.

11. Click 'Add' button to confirm.

12. File has now been uploaded to Connect. The file is also added to the sequence of your existing content as a new content topic.

13. View file from within Connect. Connect takes popular file formats like Microsoft Office documents and PDF and displays them on the web. Your students don’t need to download any extra software to view your learning material.

14. Adding a link. Now let’s build a link to an external resource, like a YouTube video.

15. Add a title, and URL (the web address of your resource). You can also choose to open an external resource in a new window or tab, or have it display from within Connect.

16. What's better? If the link is to an external site or article, it can be a better experience for your students to visit the site in a new tab, then when they're done, close the tab and return to Connect. Experiment to see what works best for your link. You can always change it later.

17. Click 'Create'.

18. Your link is now created as a content topic.

19. Adding a Connect activity. These activities can be self-assessment tasks designed to get students using their acquired knowledge, and to apply higher order thinking skills. Let's use the Discussions tool as an example. I’ve already created a discussion activity, and now I’d like to add it to the sequence of content.

20. Click 'Discussions'

21. Locate your discussion activity.

22. Click to add the discussion activity as a content topic.

23. Your Connect Activity is now added as a content topic. Adding activities to the sequence of content is a great way to guide students from learning material to activity without interrupting their focus.