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May 11, 2015 - unit homepage. 2. Role switch to 'Add Content' mode. We're going to role switch to our 'Add. Content' mode. This allows us to make changes to ...
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Connect Guide

Content Add Modules

Author: James Croft Last Updated: 11/05/2015

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1. In this guide, we'll explore adding modules to the content area. We'll begin at the unit homepage.

2. Role switch to 'Add Content' mode. We’re going to role switch to our ‘Add Content’ mode. This allows us to make changes to the content area. Click your profile dropdown.

3. Select ‘View as Educator -- Add Content’.

4. 'Add Content' mode is active. When you’ve switched into this mode, you’ll notice your Staff Links area changes to let you know. You’ll also see it next to your name up top too. You can now make changes to your Content area.

5. Navigate to the content area, using the link on the navbar.

6. Click 'Add a module...' on the sidebar of the content area. Modules are a way to organise and arrange your learning material in Connect. They’re like folders for your content, and can group resources and activities (called topics) together into a logical sequence and order.

7. Enter a module title.

8. Press the

key or click outside the field to save.

9. Your module is now created, ready to populate with topics.

10. Here's the module with a couple of topics added.

11. To create a sub-module, click 'Add a sub-module...'. You'll find this field at the bottom of the list of topics in your module.

12. Add a sub-module title.

13. Click outside the field or press the

key to save. Though it is possible to create sub-submodules, it’s good practice not to bury learning material too deep, because this can make it difficult for your students to find what they’re looking for.

14. Sub-modules are indented on the sidebar. Your sub-modules will only be visible on the sidebar when the parent module is selected. Keeping your module structure fairly flat will help your students navigate easily through your learning materials and activities.