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Jul 2, 2015 - Page 1. Dropbox ... 3. Select New Folder to create a new Dropbox Folder. 4. Give your Dropbox folder a name. Page 4. 5. Select the folder type: ...
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Dropbox Add Dropbox Folder

Author: Jo Rose Last Updated: 2/07/2015

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1. You can access the Dropbox tool from the Navbar.

2. All current Dropbox folders in the unit will display.

3. Select New Folder to create a new Dropbox Folder.

4. Give your Dropbox folder a name.

5. Select the folder type: Individual or Group.

6. Optional: Add a category to group similar Dropbox folders together.

7. Optional: Add a Grade Item. If this Dropbox folder is a summative assessment, it should be linked to a grade item.

8. Give Grade Item a name.

9. Give the Grade Item a Maximum Points value. A Maximum Points value of 2 makes it simple to calculate a satisfactory (or unsatisfactory) result and return it to your students. 0 = Not graded 1 = Unsatisfactory 2 = Satisfactory

10. Select a Grade Scheme for the Grade Item. This scheme makes sure that the number you give for a student result maps to the following result names: 0 = Not graded 1 = Unsatisfactory 2 = Satisfactory Students will not see the numerical result (e.g a 2), only the result name (e.g 'Satisfactory')

11. Click Save. This will create your Grade Item and link it to the Dropbox folder.

12. Give the Dropbox folder an 'Out Of' score. If you do associate this Dropbox folder with a Grade Item, it’s highly recommended to match the value of the ‘Out Of’ score with the linked Grade Item’s 'Maximum Points' value. This creates a consistent result in the Grades tool.

13. Add Instructions to your Dropbox folder. This is the task that you want your students to complete. It’s also good practice to specify what files and deliverables you’d like in return from your students.

14. Choose Submission Options. You can choose whether a student can submit multiple files, or just a single file per submission. You can also choose whether a student can: - submit multiple times, with all submissions kept - submit multiple times, but only the most recent submission is kept - only submit a single time.

15. Add an attached file to this Dropbox folder. This can help if you have a template file (or files) that you’d like your students to download, fill out and return as part of their task.

16. Click 'Save and Close' to create your Dropbox folder.