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Mar 31, 2016 - 6. First time: Install and register your Desktop Recorder. If you are a first time user select. Download Desktop. Recorder for. Windows and follow.
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Connect Guide


Using the Desktop Recorder

Author: James Croft Last Updated: 31/03/2016

1. Log into Mediasite using your network username and password.

2. Click Create Presentation to begin using the Desktop Recorder.

3. Choose to Record Desktop

4. Give your presentation a name, description, and save location. By default all presentations will be saved to your Drafts folder. You can move it at a later time, so for now it’s best to leave this as the preferred location.

5. Click Launch Desktop Recorder

6. First time: Install and register your Desktop Recorder If you are a first time user select Download Desktop Recorder for Windows and follow the prompts. Please note that before you can create any recordings you will need to register your desktop recorder.

7. Select Record Now

8. Choose the kind of recording you want to create. You will now have four options to choose from: Screencast and Video, Screencast and Audio, Slideshow and Video or Slideshow and Audio.

9. Click Next

10. Configure your hardware (microphone and/or camera). When selecting Screencast and Audio or Slideshow and Audio you only need to set up your microphone. You will need to set up your camera if you wish to capture yourself as well as your presentation using Screencast and Video or Slideshow and Video.

11. Click Next

12. Choose your capture region Select the screen that you want to record, for example your primary or secondary monitor, or choose to record a specific area.

13. Highlight your capture area When you select Region as your recording preference click on your screen and drag until you’ve selected the required area. If you need to resize the area, use the arrows within the red box.

14. Confirm capture selection Click on the green tick when you’re happy with your selection.

15. Double-check your settings are correct before starting.

16. Click Record to begin capture.

17. You can now deliver your presentation. Don't forget, if you make a mistake you can use the Editor to remove the error at a later time.

18. You can pause during your recording to take a break.

19. Once paused, you can discard, resume or finish your recording.

20. Click Finish Recording to begin uploading it to Mediasite.

21. Your recording will now upload to Mediasite. Please note that if your video was quite long it may take some time to finish uploading.

22. Once uploaded, click Open Presentation.

23. Click the Edit tab to customise your video details.

24. Customise your presentation's details. You can add in title, description, tags, presenters, links, duration, date and much more. You may also chose to change your presentation's visibility from 'Private' to 'Viewable' once you are happy with it.

25. Click Save to apply changes.

26. Your presentation is now available.