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Jul 1, 2015 - It's highly recommended to use the Numeric grade type, as any Dropbox or. Quiz assessments require a numeric type to operate. Even if you're ...
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Adding Grade Items

Author: Shannon Jones Last Updated: 1/07/2015

In this guide you will learn how to: • View a Grade Item • Add a Grade Item

What is a Grade Item? A Grade Item represents an individual activity that you want to assess students on. It may be linked to a Connect-based assessment, like a Dropbox, Quiz or a Discussion. It can also be an offline activity that you conduct outside of Connect. When you mark a student submission from an assessment tool (for example, a Dropbox folder), the mark you give that submission is automatically pushed back into the linked grade item. By doing this, the Dropbox mark is counted toward a student's final grade. A student can also see their result in the Grades tool, along with all their other assessment results. Please note: For this example we’ve used a grade item linked to a Dropbox. When a Dropbox is created, you have the option to also create a grade item linked to it.

View Grade Item 1. To view a grade item click on Assessments.

2. Click on Grades.

3. A list of assessment items for your unit will display. To view the association of an assessment item, select the Manage Grades tab and click on the information icon.

4. A pop up box will display and show information about your associated Dropbox folder, including availability dates, Max Points and Grade Scheme. Click OK to close.

Add a Grade Item 1. To create a grade item click on Manage Grades.

2. Click New.

3. Select Item.

4. Select a Grade Item Type. It’s highly recommended to use the Numeric grade type, as any Dropbox or Quiz assessments require a numeric type to operate. Even if you're not using those assessment tools, we still recommend the Numeric type as your grades will all be of a consistent type, making your final grade calculation much simpler.

5. Enter the Name of the grade item e.g. Assessment Task No. 4 – Workplace Activity.

6. You also have the option to apply a Short Name e.g. Assessment Task No. 4. This will appear in the Grade columns. You can also assign an Organisational Category and a Description.

7. Enter the number of Maximum Points value. If you're using the TAFE Queensland competency-based assessment scheme, it is recommended to set the Maximum Points value to 2. You can also set the grade item so that it can be exceeded, assign a bonus item, or exclude a grade from the final calculation.

8. Select the desired Grade Scheme from the drop down box. It is recommended that you use the Summative Assessment Scheme so that your results align to TAFE Queensland's competency based model.

9. Click Save and Close.