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Jul 28, 2015 - For example, you may have used types of questions, like Long .... To publish the results, tick all checkboxes under the Published column. 2.
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Grading Manually Marked Questions

Author: Shannon Jones Last Updated: 28/07/2015

In this guide you will learn how to: • View quiz attempts • Manually mark a question • View and mark at a Question level • Publish results Why manually mark a quiz? Quizzes in Connect can be set to be auto-marking, however there are also many situations in which a quiz attempt needs to be evaluated by a teacher. For example, you may have used types of questions, like Long Answer questions, which require manual marking. Another example is if you want to override a result from an auto-marked question.

View quiz attempts. 1. To access your quiz, click on Assessments in the Navbar.

2. Select Quizzes.

3. Locate the quiz you wish to mark, and click on the context menu.

4. Select Grade.

5. Here we can see a list of all students and their attempts. We can also view the results by Attempts or Questions.

6. To view an attempt by a student, click on the numbered attempt link.

7. This page will display a detailed view of when the quiz attempt occurred and the time spent. You can also view an event log to troubleshoot any access issues a student may have had. Click Quizzes Event Log.

8. The Quizzes Event Log for that student will display.

9. Close the pop-out window to return.

Manually mark a question 1. Under Grading Feedback we can see the currently assigned Final Score. You can manually change the Final Score at this point, or do it at a question level. In this example we will do it at a question level. This page will also show whether the attempt is registered as a graded attempt. When an attempt is set as graded, the result of the quiz will become visible. It will also be considered in their final result. We will cover this in future steps.

2. Scroll down the page to see the quiz results for each question. You can see the student’s response, along with the answer key that was written as a part of the question. This example shows a Long Answer-style question. This is a type of written question which can’t be autograded, and requires manual marking by a teacher. An answer key makes it simple to verify that the student’s written answers correspond to a sample correct answer.

3. Assign a score to this question. For example, if the answer was correct enter 1. If it was incorrect, enter 0.

4. If a student has answered an auto-marking question incorrectly, it will display with a cross to the left.

5. If appropriate, you can manually override the score by clicking in the Score box and entering the new result.

6. It is a good idea to provide feedback as to why you changed an auto-marking result. To do this click Expand question feedback.

7. Enter your feedback. An example of why you may change a result could be a situation where a student has demonstrated knowledge of this topic to you in other ways during their study. Another example could be if the question was configured incorrectly.

8. Click Save.

9. The Final Score has now been updated to reflect the new total. The Student View Preview has also changed to reflect a Satisfactory result.

10. Once you’re happy for this result to be published to the student tick the Graded checkbox and enter your comments under Attempt Feedback.

11. Click Save and Close to apply.

12. You can now see that the result for this quiz has now been successfully published to the student.

View and mark at a Question level 1. Rather than grading at a User level you also have the option to grade at a Question level. Click the Question tab.

2. Here you can set up blind marking or include / exclude already graded responses, before selecting the question.

3. For this example we’ll choose a Long Answer question to mark. Long answer questions have a ‘LA’ abbreviation in the Type column.

4. You will now be able to mark that question for a single student. Enter the result in the Score box and click Save.

5. Use the controls at the top of the page to move to the next student’s answer.

6. You can now quickly mark each student’s answer to a single question, instead of having to drill through each student’s entire attempt. Once you have finished marking this question for all students, return to the question list by clicking Go back to Questions.

7. When you have finished grading any manually marked questions, click the Users tab.

Publish results 1. To publish the results, tick all checkboxes under the Published column.

2. Click Save. The results of this quiz are now visible to your students. A student can view their result by going back to the quiz and looking at their attempt, or simply viewing their result directly from the Grades tool.