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Dropbox. Introduction. Author: Jo Rose. Last Updated: 1/07/2015. Need more help? Visit our YouTube channel: Connect Guide ...
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Author: Jo Rose Last Updated: 1/07/2015

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In this guide you will learn how to: •

Access Dropbox Folder

Sort or search by User or Dropbox file

View and evaluate student submissions

What is a Dropbox folder? Dropbox folders allow students to submit assessment submissions and other documents to a specific area within their Connect unit. They also enable Educators to download, view and evaluate submissions. Dropbox folders allow many file types including images, documents, audio, video or zip files. Dropbox folders can contain files (or assessment items) which can be linked to a grade item to form part of the summative unit assessment. They can also be set up to be a formative self-assessment activity.

Access Dropbox Folder 1. To access the Dropbox tool, select Dropbox from the Assessments context menu on the Navbar. This will display all Dropbox folders for this particular unit.

2. All Dropbox folders for this unit will be displayed, along with the total number of files that have been submitted by students, whether the submission has been read or unread, or flagged and any due dates set. Dropbox files linked to grade item are identified with small ruler icon.

3. To access a specific Dropbox folder, click on its title.

4. You can Email Users Without Submissions to remind only those students in your class that the assessment is due. You can also Add Feedback Files, which allows you to download and evaluate submissions offline and then upload back into Connect.

Sort or search by User or Dropbox file 1. In the Dropbox Folder Submissions area, you can search or sort student Dropbox submissions by Users (students). You can further sort by date, names, submission criteria or feedback. For example, if you'd like to only see unread submissions, check the 'Only show users with unread submissions' checkbox. Click the magnifying glass icon to apply any criteria you've applied.

2. You can also sort Dropbox folder submissions by Files received by selecting the Files tab.

View and Evaluate student submissions NB: Dropbox folders can also be used for non-assessable documents. If Dropbox folders are used for summative assessment, they should be linked to a grade item. 1. In the Folder Submissions area, click on the Dropbox file title to view a student submission.

2. The marking interface for this particular student will display, with the student’s submission pane on the left and marking pane on the right.

3. Within the student submission pane, there are options to customise your view. For example, you can magnify text, fit to width, scroll by page, view as text (removes document formatting), download file etc.

4. In the student submission pane you can Show Folder Information to display details of assessment.

5. Once you have reviewed a student’s submission, you can add a student Score in the Evaluation section which automatically gives a satisfactory/unsatisfactory score (based on grade item). 6. Add Feedback (which could include a link to website, unit content or Add File or Audio). 7. Next, select Publish to submit score to student; or Save draft.

8. Select Next Student to mark next assessment item for next student.

9. You will then be able to repeat the process with the next student.

10. To return to Dropbox folders, select Back to Folder Submissions.